RCA connector video stereo sound

Custom RCA Cable: Everything You Need to Know

Do you fantasize about building a particular type of Custom RCA cable? RCA cables are vital in that it helps in transmitting audio signals. More so, there are possibilities that this cable type will transmit video signals with suitable means.

Computer shop DVI cable

DVI Cable: An Awesome DVI Cable Guide You Need to know!

Are you looking for a custom DVI cable? Do you need help selecting the right cable? You will get a variety of video cables to suit a wide range of needs. Even DVI cables come in different formats and configurations.

XLR cable sound microphone electronic pattern

Custom XLR Cable: What You Need To Know

Custom XLR Cable are essential when it comes to industries. Many industries make use of this cable for various reasons. Since this is true, it is necessary you understand how to make it yourself to save cost. If you have

firewire cable connector

FireWire Cable: The Guide that You Need To Know

FireWire cable is perhaps the most reliable, versatile high-speed data transfer wiring option out there. USB cables have become the market leader, but they’re not always the right wiring option for your data transfer needs. You can find FireWire cables

Power PC Cable

Custom PC Cables: What You Need To Know

Have you ever seen the inside of a custom PC cables? Its neat organization can amaze just about anyone. Color-coded wires neatly tucked away and bound to keep from tangling; this aspect holds more than just aesthetic value. Nowadays, modders

HDMI cable

HDMI Cable – All You Need To Know

The world might be going wireless but we still largely depend on cables to transmit information from one corner to another. HDMI cable play a large role in this regard, and you will find them in a variety of settings,

DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort

DisplayPort Cable- Everything That You Need To Know In 2019

There are many standards, methods, and devices to transmit video data from source to display. These days, most of the devices are using HDMI and DisplayPort cable. Today, we are going to talk about everything that involves DisplayPort. We will

USB splitter cable

USB Splitter Cable: All You Need To Know

Do you experience difficulty in using different peripheral devices at the same point in time? I know this constitutes a whole lot of difficulty, especially when you have to deliver an immediate result either at the office or your home.The


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