Audio Cable

Audio Cable – Everything You Need To Know

Audio cables are essential in our everyday activities. We see them every day in our homes and offices; they are virtually everywhere we go, yet we fail to recognise how vital these audio lines are. Without the aid of audio

Custom Wire Harness

Custom Wire Harness-The Complete Guide

A wire harness is imperative to equipment as it carries power and signal through it. A custom wire harness helps in connecting various components of a device. Otherwise, they will become useless. A collection of several wires packed in a

Guitar cable

Guitar Cable – All You Need to Know

Serious about being excellent at playing the guitar? You need to understand the importance of a guitar cable. Sure, a good guitar cable can help you sound more professional if you think about it. Did you know though that a

AV Cable

AV Cable – The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

The AV cable is more common than you think – you need it to connect your gaming console, a set-top box to the TV, DVD, music system and more. The absolute number of AV cables can be confusing and which

Battery Cable Assembly

Battery Cable Assembly-The Ultimate Guide You Need To Know

Battery cables are used in a wide variety of applications to power your electrical systems. You need to use a battery cable to establish a connection between the battery and the vehicle’s electrical peripherals, RV, golf cart or solar panel.

Micro USB Cable – The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose

If you are using a cable to connect or charge mobile and compact gadgets like mp3 players, smartphones, cameras, printers or GPS devices, then most probably you are using a micro USB cable. Micro USB cables can be of different

SAE Cable

SAE Cable – the Ultimate Guide to How to Choose

The SAE cable is a cable used to charge vehicle batteries and power various automotive and motorcycle accessories. You may be confused, how to choose the right SAE cable? Before answering this question, you need to learn some necessary knowledge.