Custom power cables with custom color code

9 Points tell why Custom Power Cords are important

Do you want to protect your workplace and project any possible damage due to electric wires? If you have ever faced any issue regarding the safety and management of live wires, it’s time to use custom power cords for your project. Alt-Text: Custom power cables with custom color code CLOOM Tech is one of the

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Getting a good electrical connector

8 Reasons Waterproof Connectors Can Help You Power In Advance

Are you going for a custom cable assembly? Don’t you think you should go for waterproof electrical connectors for your project? Waterproof connectors seem logical when you think of outdoor use. However, very few of us consider waterproof connectors for indoor use. Why do you need waterproof connectors? How will they benefit your custom cable

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Wire harness

7 Tips for Choosing Wire Gauges for Your Custom Wire Harness

Do you want to start a wire harness manufacturing project? Various businesses and enterprises need wire gauges for their products or projects. Wire harness manufacturing is a complex process and involves many steps. Unless you have a clear idea of things, your wire harness may not turn out as desired. In this post, we will

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Custom Battery cables

9 Points to Know: Welding Cables and Battery Cables

Here are a few things you should know about the difference between welding cables and battery cables.We understand the complications that come with getting the right cables for your projects, which is why we craft cables that are right for you. Our custom cables are incredibly powerful and allow for customization throughout every part of

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UK electric power cable plug

Power Cables-9 Unknown Details About Power Cables

Everybody has used power cables. Your laptop, desktop, printer, monitor, and a variety of devices need power cables. However, you may not know everything you need about power-supplying cables. Today, we will present nine unknown details about power cables that many don’t know. The information will help you custom the right power cable for your

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An image of control panel wiring

4 Ways To Shield Over-molded Connectors For Custom Cable Assembly Shield Over-molded connectors play a significant role to aid in the transmission of data. Also, cable assemblies are sensitive to electromagnetic and RFI. The sensitivity of the cable assemblies and over-molded connectors explain that it is necessary to protect the shield of the connector at all times else it poses a problem when in

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Motherboard SATA Socket

5 Points to Know Custom SATA Cables and IDE Cables

From the industry sector to multinational businesses, storage devices are the need of every company. For storage devices, either you can go for the SATA interface or IDE interface. Custom SATA cables vs. custom SATA cables are the part of almost every business where mass storage devices are essential. If you have an IDE interface

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wiring harnesses through the connectors are connected

5 Points To Consider When Choose Custom Wire Harness Components

Do you want to convey an important message to your custom wire harness manufacturers? Perhaps, you want to give them the details of what is essential to the success of your custom wire harness? It is always a tough decision, especially because various points must to consider when choosing wire harness components. The success of

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USB cable icon in flat style

9 Things to Know About Custom USB Charging Cables

USB chargers have become a part of our lives. And we all know how important it is to choose the right custom USB charging cables for your project. However, not everyone is happy about so many USB types and cables doing their rounds in the market. How do you know you have the best custom

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Electrical cable

3 Key Things to Know Off-The-Shelf Cable Assembly

Choosing the right electrical cable assembly for your project is critical, especially if you intend to make it as minimally invasive as possible. Since a good meeting can make or break your device, the pressure of choosing the right assembly can be fierce. You will have to carefully consider the type of cable assembly that

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Disconnected electric plugs

7 Advantages of Sourcing Custom Power Cables from Asia

When budget saving is your goal, souring power cables from China is the best option in cable manufacturing. Custom cables can consume a major part of your budget if you have not chosen the right manufacturer. If standard power cables and monitor power cables don’t fit your project specifications, CLOOM Tech can manufacture custom power

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Technician assembling and testing motor

6 Custom Cable Assembly Testing Procedures

Cable Assembly Testing Procedures is not a one size fits all approach. There are levels of testing that a product undergoes after it manufactured. Quite a large number of teams and companies encounter problems with cable assemblies, and this affects their project. The cable assembly testing procedures is a necessary prerequisite before the product reaches

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Computer monitor Cables

Computer Monitor Cables-5 Popular Customized Computer monitor Cables

There are several types of monitor cables that are suitable for different screens and monitors. If you are looking for custom monitor cables for your project or manufacturing unit, CLOOM Tech is an internationally recognized custom cable manufacturer in China. Every custom product from CLOOM Tech meets the specifications and requirements of the projects. We

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