Power PC Cable

Custom PC Cables: What You Need To Know

Have you ever seen the inside of a custom PC cables? Its neat organization can amaze just about anyone. Color-coded wires neatly tucked away and bound to keep from tangling; this aspect holds more than just aesthetic value. Nowadays, modders

HDMI cable

HDMI Cable – All You Need To Know

The world might be going wireless but we still largely depend on cables to transmit information from one corner to another. HDMI cable play a large role in this regard, and you will find them in a variety of settings,

DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort

DisplayPort Cable- Everything That You Need To Know In 2019

There are many standards, methods, and devices to transmit video data from source to display. These days, most of the devices are using HDMI and DisplayPort cable. Today, we are going to talk about everything that involves DisplayPort. We will

USB splitter cable

USB Splitter Cable: All You Need To Know

Do you experience difficulty in using different peripheral devices at the same point in time? I know this constitutes a whole lot of difficulty, especially when you have to deliver an immediate result either at the office or your home.The

USB cable extension transparent protected plugged

The USB Extension Cable: How To Make Your Design

The USB extension cables are of utmost importance in the homes and workplaces. It is almost impossible to discuss connectivity without the role of the USB extension cables. Are you always experiencing difficulties with data transmission? I know how very

Trailer wiring

Trailer Wiring Harness-Custom guides you need to know

Does your trailer have the right wiring system? With time, the wiring system in your trailer may need a relook. Are you worried? Don’t be. It’s time to design your trailer wiring harness, one that will fit your trailer and

VGA cable connector and digital video cables

VGA Cable: The Best Guide That You Need To Read In 2019

We all have been using computers for a long time, and VGA cables and VGA connectors have been part of our electronics and computers since day one. VGA stands for Video Graphic Array, and there are many ways to connect

wiring harness

Door Wiring Harness: All You Need to Know

Today, almost everything runs on electricity. Aircraft, computers, microwaves, fans, you name it. Today, wires and cables are to electrical devices what blood is to man. Electrical wires make up every electrical device and machine, from automobiles to computers. They

Mechanical control cable in wiring harness

Custom Mechanical Control Cable: What You Need to Know

A mechanical control cable is much more straightforward than it sounds. That is a wire, or cable, that works to transmit power from one part of the machine to another. You can find them in vehicles, planes, and a few

medical cable in the medical industry.

Custom Medical Cable: What You Need to Know

Cables that work perfectly well in a non-medical environment can cause severe issues if used in the medical industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, a small margin of error can create a disastrous effect on the patients’ health, which could lead