Best of Custom Wire Harness Manufacturers in the UK

Best of Custom Wire Harness Manufacturers in the UK

Are you looking for the right custom harness for your project? Don’t worry. We collect several supplier’s information about custom wire harness from the buyer’s public information to facilitate your choice. Our data is always updated, and we hope to drive the success of our industry.

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Greenstock in-Connect

Greenstock in-connect is an independent manufacturer and supplier of custom designed connectivity solutions, moulded products, cable assemblies and wiring harnesses to a wide range of OEM customers worldwide.

RedVue Automation Ltd.

Redvue has supplied the UK, Europe and the largest Global OEM companies with the highest quality cable assemblies and harnesses.

Rolling Stock Networking

GEM Cables Solutions are a Leading UK Manufacturer of Bespoke and Custom Cable Assemblies, Harnesses, Wiring Looms, Panels, and Control Boxes.

Ionix Systems Ltd

Ionix Systems is a specialist designer and manufacturer of wiring harness and woven systems

Cornelius Electronics

At Cornelius Cornelius Electronics specialise in custom wire harnesses.

GTK (UK) Ltd.

GTK is a world-class provider of high-quality electronics solutions, including standard and custom cable assemblies, connectors and displays.

Pallas Connections Ltd

Established in 1993 Pallas Connections Ltd have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing wiring harnesses and associated products.

Eboni Electronics Ltd

Eboni Electronics is a market leader in the manufacture of custom cable assemblies, connectors, and wire harnesses.


Murat Ticaret is “THE WIRING HARNESS COMPANY” industry since 1969.

Leotronics Ltd

Internationally recognised supplier of electronic connectors & custom-built cable assemblies.

Autac Assemblies Ltd.

Autac Assemblies is one of the leading UK manufacturers and commercial suppliers of custom cable assemblies, cable harnesses and wiring looms.

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd (HCAL) is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of cable assemblies, harnesses, looms, box builds, sub assemblies and waterproof connectors.

Assembly Solutions Ltd.

Assembly Solutions Ltd primary service cable assembly, wire preparation, wiring harness, cable looms and electrical control panels.

Cable Harnesses UK Ltd.

Assembly Solutions Ltd primary service cable assembly, wire preparation, wiring harness, cable looms and electrical control panels.

Wireco Ltd

Wireco have built an impeccable reputation as cable harness assembly specialists who design and manufacture wire harnesses and wiring looms.

Flexel Ltd

Flexel Ltd specialises in the bespoke design, assembly and manufacture of wiring assemblies, wiring looms and cable assemblies.

Teepee Electrical Limited

Teepee Electrical Limited has 25 years experience as a leading supplier of specialist Cable Harnesses, Wiring Looms and Panel Assemblies.

Birford Cable & Harness Ltd

Birford Cable & Harness Ltd was formed in 1978, investment and training in to an ISO assured manufacturer of quality wiring harnesses and sub-contract assemblies.

HCI Systems Limited

Our team has over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing wiring harnesses

WH Kemp (Electrics) Limited.

WH Kemp’s 25,000 sq ft site has been configured to accommodate and manufacture just about every conceivable Wiring Loom and Cable Assembly.

Parkinson Harness Technology Ltd

Parkinson Harness Technology manufacture bespoke electrical solutions including wiring harnesses, control panels, battery/power leads, PCB’s, and control systems.

S&A Manufacturing Ltd

Being a UK based company with over 25 years of continual growth and experience in the electronics harnessing field.

SIC Ltd.

SIC (Swansea Industrial Components) has been making wiring harnesses and cable assemblies for over 50 years.

Airfawn Consultants Ltd

The company was set up, largely for prototype harness and for production work.

Paramount Electronics Ltd

Paramount Electronics specialises in the manufacture of a wide range of Cables, Looms and Harnesses, using a variety of cables including: Data, Co-axial, Audio, Ribbon, Signal & Control, and other specialised types.

D & K Wiring Services Ltd

Design & manufacture of looms, harnesses, transformers & wound components

Express Assemblies Ltd

Express Assemblies Ltd is a global supplier of wire and cable assemblies and ISO 9001: 2015 accredited company.

Kaliber Ltd

Kaliber specialise in the design and manufacture of high integrity customised cable harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies to customers in the Aerospace, Motorsport, Marine, Mass Transit and Military Markets.

British Wiring

British Wiring was born when Roger Davis, owner of Autosparks Ltd., a premier provider of wiring harnesses and electrical components in the UK.

Convert Limited

Convert Ltd have been a Wiring Harness Manufacturer for over 20 years

CCS Electronics

CCS Electronics is a sub-contract manufacturer specialising in the production of cable harnesses, box builds, panel build and electromechanical assemblies.

Associated Bonded Cables Ltd

Associated Bonded Cables is Electrical Wiring Assemblies and Harnesses for specialist manufacturers.

Roscan Electronics Ltd

Roscan Electronics supply cable and harness assemblies to your specification.

Matrix Wiring Ltd

Formed in 2007, Matrix Wiring Ltd has quickly established itself as a preferred supplier for processed wire and cable products.


Cablespeed is a family run specialist automation supplier dedicated to cable and wire harness manufacturing industries.


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