11 Things You Need to Know About Automotive Wire Harness

Automobiles today come with some great features. Their design, though, calls for deft wiring considerations. An automotive wiring harness is an assembly of wires, connectors, and other electrical parts. You use it in a vehicle for the transmission of signals.

Knowing the types, design, and varieties of the wiring harness is essential if your team is looking to buy a wiring harness for the project. You need to choose the right manufacturer for your solution.

Here are some handy tips to guide you in choosing the best materials.  Here is a look.

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1. Differences Between Automotive Wire and Standard

Know what makes an automotive wiring harness superior. They use special automotive connectors and undergo tests. These tests exceed the normal level, which standard wire harnesses can withstand. The trials and special connectors ensure that withstand the vibrations and external shocks.

Carmakers are changing electronics at an evolving pace. They need to, too, as the automotive industry continues to evolve. It’s why you need an excellent automotive wiring harness design. Any automotive OEM needs one. And they need one that can minimize the wiring complexity and cost. The wiring industry has been kind of stagnant in the last few decades – until now. The design changes are what will help OEMs to stand out. It’s what will help manufacturers reduce labor costs. Or, ensure they can source the materials with ease.

It’s difficult to track all the components and validate and implement them, or else. Simple automotive wiring harness designs can help automate assembly. It will help OEM’s store inventory quickly. In turn, it will ensure that there are no supply disruptions. Manufacturers looking to automate manufacturing further need to look at OEM designs. And that’s where a good automotive wiring harness design comes in.

2. Uses of Automobile Wire Harness

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Automotive wire harnessing helps in the proper transmission of signals. You get all the necessary components, including:

– Chassis wiring,

– Dashboard,

– Power windows,

– Interior electrical components,

– Speed sensors,

– Lock braking systems and cruise control systems.

The single and compact unit of the mesh of wires reduces installation time. It also reduces the risks of shorting and incorrect connections. Then, it improves fuel efficiency and performance in hybrid vehicles. Two, three, or four-wheelers and even commercial vehicles can use wiring harnesses.

3. Design of Wire Harness

The design of the harness comprising of the interconnected mesh of wires is crucial. Select the important components like connectors, fuses, and sensors. Ensure their reliability.

Study the schematic circuit diagram. Divide the entire vehicle into detachable parts like chassis, body, and engine. Then design the wiring harness that suits the requirements. Ensure that it fits the customer requirements, shape, and size of the vehicle. Chalk out electrical routing in a way that reduces complexity and uses minimal space.

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4. Types of Automotive Wire Harness

Compartmentalizing makes the work easier. There are three types of engine wire harnesses based on the vehicle part you are looking at. The engine wire harness is a set of wires, connectors, and terminals to relay the signal to and from the engine. It also communicates messages from all sensors within the engine.

The body wiring harness routes electrical and electronic bits of information. It’s what keeps the major components of the automobile working. The body wiring takes care of power windows, lighting, and other accessories. And then, you need a chassis wiring harness for connecting the components.

5. Advantages of Automotive wire

Derive many benefits from an automotive wire harness. It plays an insulating role, protecting the wires from thermal fluctuations.

It is easier to install a compact unit than the tangled mess of wires. The harness also serves as an extra layer of protection. It protects the vehicle from galvanization, rusting, heat, and excessive vehicle vibrations. It is cost-effective and a cheap choice. The wiring is easy to repair if needed. You can open a certain harness and fix it without perturbing the other parts of the tubing. The more comfortable and simpler configuration of the wiring harness reduces complexity and cost.

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6. Customized Automotive Wire Harness

You may even customize the wiring harness. Incorporate the features that seem essential to your project. At Cloom Tech, we can design and make prototypes according to your spec or drawing sheet. Or, help your project get the right connectors. All you need to do is let us know what your project needs.

Different wires serve different purposes. Some structures may need more rigidity, while others might need to be more flexible. The durability, strength, and endurance of the parts may vary. To reap the benefits, know your needs. Then, select the company according to your project requirements.

Designing pcb

7. Qualities of Automotive Wire

As a backbone of the signal transmission in vehicles, a check on the quality is too essential. Modern technology has a significant focus on digitization. The wiring harness needs to be durable. It needs resistance to heat, humidity, vibration, temperature fluctuations, and external mechanical shocks.

Choose the material with the best durability and resistance. It can help to tap the maximum potential from the wiring harness. It should withstand high temperatures, excessive and unwanted vibrations.

8. Tests for Automotive Wire

It is not just before the launch of a rocket that scientists order ‘Check.’ The wiring harness of automobiles needs special tests to ensure smooth service. Todays’ manufacturer uses fast and advanced testers, and they perform accurate and high- speed tests on the wiring harness. They can achieve continuity, weight, vibration, and design check tests in a span of a few seconds.

The test of continuity ensures that it is not an open circuit. The test will show a positive result if all the connectors are functioning correctly. Proper testers import and export accurate data and display appropriate results.

9. Look for Customization Manufacturer

Your project needs to depend on a manufacturer who understands your business needs. Since every automotive business is different, you need someone who can help you get custom wiring harness, while ensuring you meet the legal requirements. Look at whether your wiring harness manufacturer can customize to your requirements, and the features they offer.

10. Automotive Wire Harness for Alternate Energy Sources

The conventional sources of energy are on the decline. A point of no return is sure to await us in the future when there is not any more fossil fuel left. Do not let time stand still then.

Automotive wiring harness does not limit itself to a narrow spectrum. Rather, you can use it in all vehicles that derive energy from alternate sources. These include LPG, natural gas, fuel, and even electric and hybrid vehicles.

You need to adapt to change. Nurture a technology like automotive wiring harness. It’s going to serve both future and existing conventional models.

11. Wire Harness With Specialized Features

Designing the wiring harness is essential. Be it a humble sedan or a luxurious limousine; you need wires of appropriate sizes. It’s what brings inefficient wiring harness. The wiring can also assist in special lighting features and facilitating GPS communications.

Cloom Tech offers automotive wiring harness that comes armed with all such features. Talk to us about our customer PCBs. We can assist in maintaining deft connections and smooth signal transmission.


When it comes to automotive OEM’s, there is no compromise. Streamline product and manufacturing costs. Automate more processes successfully. It all starts with the right automotive wiring harness. The right PCB design can lead to a more straightforward design and lesser manufacturing costs.

Do remember that ECUs and other electronic and electrical components connected by the automotive wiring harness. With it, communication of digital signals and bits of messages has become an easier process.

Cloom Tech fills all the requirements you need, and more. We offer you the best quality and design. Elevate your product above mediocrity. Are you ready?

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