Auto wire harness manufacturers: Know about the leading companies around the world

Original Equipment Manufacturers need electrical distribution systems for powering their equipment. OEMs get these systems from wire harness manufacturers as all these systems have extraordinary power, interface features, and control signals, for which they need custom assembly that can solve complex requirements. Further, most vehicles need automobile wire harnesses to operate in extreme weather conditions. You can get them from experienced auto wire harness manufacturers specializing in cable design, engine harness engineering, and component outsourcing and manufacturing.

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What are automotive wire harnesses?

An auto wire harness combines the wiring of various electronic components into a single unit. When bundled together, all the harnesses help transfer signals and power to electrical devices. Further, manufacturers bundle the team into a single cover to give it a more structured form and deliver the most outstanding performance.

These harnesses are designed to work in extreme environments in a way to adjust to the electrical as well as geometrical needs of the vehicles. You can find them in automobiles’ motors, bodies, or frames. Most vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, utility vehicles, cars, and other commercial vehicles, use these harnesses to function. 

In addition, it is essential to install the harness properly for its proper functioning and safety purposes.

Engine wiring harness 

Engine wiring harness 

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Benefits of Automotive Wiring Harness

Among the several benefits of auto wiring harnesses, the major ones include:

  • Wire harnesses bundle all the cables into a non-flexible bundle, making them safer and preventing short circuits.
  • Harnesses comprise long-lasting, durable materials, which makes them last longer.
  • Vehicle makers design the harnesses in such a way that they can sustain rough terrains and extreme weather conditions while carrying high loads.
  • The auto harnesses are an excellent option for hybrid cars as they also perform extraordinarily under challenging situations. They can carry high currents and loads in harsh conditions and very well resist high heat and EMI.
  • Before putting wires into bundles, manufacturers trim them to appropriate lengths and fasten them to connectors and terminals to make a single component instead of manually attaching individual wires. As a result, the wires and cables become more organized.
Automotive wiring

Automotive wiring

Top Automobile Wire Harness Manufacturers

Wire harnesses are used in almost every industry, and the automotive wiring harness market is one of the most significant users. As a result, several automobile wire harness manufacturers are grabbing their opportunities in the auto sector.

Yazaki Corporation

Established in: 1941

Headquarters: Japan

Central plant locations: Asia based

Market distribution: Europe, Asia-Pacific

Business Overview:    Established as an independent automobile parts manufacturer, Yazaki corporation is also a global market leader for developing and manufacturing electronic components, instrumentation, and other automobile products apart from the auto wiring harness.

The company is one of the biggest automotive suppliers in the world. Most of its plants are located in Asia, and the central market distribution is in the Asia Pacific and Europe. Though the company’s headquarters is in Japan, 90% of its employees stay outside the country.

Sumitomo Electric Industries

Established in: 1897

Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan

Central plant locations: Asia based

Market distribution: Europe, Asia-Pacific, USA

Business Overview: The company manufactures wire and fiber optic cables, and thus it is one of the renowned communication manufacturers. The fiber optic cable production and sales of the company lie at the top. The annual output value is about 3 billion US dollars. The company owns more than 200 subsidiaries all across the world. In the Fortune Global 500 list 2020, the company ranked 445 as the automobile wire harness manufacturer.

Sumitomo Electric was the first company to use high-strength aluminum wire in engine wiring harnesses. The use of aluminum reduced the cost and weight of the reins.

Aptiv PLC

Established in: 1994

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Central plant locations: Europe

Market distribution: Worldwide

Business Overview: You may also know this company by its former name, Delphi Automotive PLC. However, it changed its name after the company’s spin-off in 2017. The company employs around 130,000 full-time employees and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive components.

The company mainly operates in two divisions:

  • Signal and power solutions: The company designs, manufactures, and assembles various electrical structures for vehicles, including connectors, wiring assemblies, cable harnesses, engineering component products, electrical centers, and hybrid high voltage and safety distribution systems.
  • Advanced safety and user experience: It offers critical components, software, and systems that concern the passengers” safety, vehicle operation, and comforts, such as body control, active and passive safety electronics, infotainment, Automatic driving software, displays, and system integration.


Established in: 1917

Central plant locations: Mainly Europe

Market distribution: Europe, North America, Asia

Business Overview: It is one of Europe’s leading cable technology companies. Their primary focus lies in high-growth markets such as automotive and commercial vehicles, communications, infrastructure, healthcare, and home and appliance industries. The company has over 100 branches in about 30 countries, employing nearly 60,000 employees worldwide.

Leoni is a major manufacturer of copper wires, cables, and harnesses for all market segments, be it light vehicles, off-highway vehicles, or trucks. Their main customers include Mercedes Benz, NSN, and Siemens. The significant advantage of the Leoni’s automotive components is its fully protected design.

Lear Corporation

Established in: 1917

Headquarters: Southfield, Michigan

Central plant locations: majorly in North America

Market distribution: majorly in North America, Europe, and China

Business Overview: The company is a leading supplier of automotive interior systems, especially car seats and electrics. The manufacturer has a team of about 140,000 employees spread at 280 locations in 36 countries. You can also see it on the NYSE under the ticker symbol [LEA].

Lear’s wiring has extensive knowledge and deep expertise in electrical architecture. They have also developed technologies that help them improve their products’ performance. Lear can provide traditional 12- to 48-volts of mild hybrid to high voltage auto wiring harnesses.

Furukawa Electric

Established in: 1884

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Central plant locations: majorly in Asia

Market distribution: majorly in Asia, North America, and Europe

Furukawa Electrician is a part of Japan’s industrial conglomerates called Furukawa Chaebol. Business Overview: Founded by Toshihiro Furukawa, it is a multinational company that deals in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic components. Furukawa also set up a wire manufacturing plant and a copper smelter.

In Furukawa’s car’s wire harness, you will find numerous wires bundled together and laid in every corner to transmit signals and power to the entire vehicle.


Established in: 1958

Headquarters: Vilsbiburg, Germany

Central plant locations: majorly in Europe

Market distribution: Worldwide

Business Overview: The company mainly manufactures and distributes automobile parts, including electrical and electronic components, energy storage systems, integrated systems, etc. 

The products include engine wire harnesses, 48 volts low voltage wiring harnesses, and high-volt battery system wire harnesses.


Established in: 1969

Central plant locations: majorly in Europe

Market distribution: Asia, USA, EU

Business Overview: The PKC group is renowned in the commercial vehicle industry. They aim to become the manufacturer of choice for distribution systems for the world transportation industry.

The group has two main business areas:

  • Cabling systems: The business focuses on designing, manufacturing, and integrating custom distribution systems and various architecture components, wires, cables, and vehicle electronics, mainly for trucks, agriculture and forestry equipment, construction machines, and light and recreational vehicles.
  • Electronics: here, the business focuses on designing and manufacturing electrical cabinets and distribution systems for significant locomotives and rolling stock manufacturers.

Fujikura Ltd.

Established in: 1890

Central plant locations: majorly in Asia

Market distribution: Asia, USA, Europe, North America, South America, and North Africa

Business Overview: The company is an electrical equipment manufacturer that develops and manufactures telecommunication and power systems products, including fiber optic equipment like fuses. In 1910, Toshiyoshi Fujikura founded Fujikura wire company.

As the new electrical systems are growing, the size and weight of the wiring harnesses are also increasing. However, it is essential to have less importance on better fuel efficiency. Thus, Fujikura stresses applying electronic circuit materials and optical transmission to auto wiring technology to deliver safe and environmentally friendly automobile products.

Checking the wiring systems 

Checking the wiring systems 

Choose Cloom as Your Manufacturer.

Cloom has been delivering its clients’ high-quality electromechanical cables and wires at affordable prices with low turnaround times for many years. We have a team of skilled engineers having expertise in manufacturing harnesses to suit the exact requirements of our clients.

Auto wire harness manufacturers: Rich experience

As the automotive industry is also becoming highly specialized, the design requirements of wiring harnesses are beyond standard harness designs. We can manufacture highly customized auto wiring harnesses for different vehicle sizes and types to meet your needs. 

  • Appliances
  • Agriculture Equipment and Implements
  • ATVs
  • Buses
  • Boats
  • Drones
  • Construction Equipment
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Generators
  • Golf Carts
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Marine craft
  • Lawn care equipment
  • Large engines
  • Power sports
  • Military vehicles
  • Semi-trucks
  • Small engines
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Utility vehicles
  • UAVs
  • Tractor-trailer chassis

We are constantly innovating in design and production to meet the expectations of top OEMs worldwide.

Auto wire harness manufacturers: Capabilities

Whether you are looking for a simple wiring harness or complex wiring, we work with you through the process.

  • Primary Automotive Wire and Cable,
  • Multi-Conductor Assemblies
  • Battery Cable Assemblies
  • Sensor Cable
  • Specialty Wire Harnesses
  • Electrical Integration Systems
  • EMI/RFI Suppression Products

Do you want to add some unique features to your automotive wire harness? We can incorporate audio, video, and lighting if you own a large luxury vehicle. For exploration vehicles requiring GPS and long-range communication, we can craft a customized harness for you. It’s not only the functioning; we also give importance to the look of the saddle and thus try to make them aesthetically pleasing and minimize their installation time.

Auto wire harness manufacturers: Management

From the concept to its complete design, development, product validation, prototyping, manufacturing, and quality assurance, we can do it all for you.

We will sit with you, work on your drawing, and design a harness that uses alternative energy resources like natural gas, flexible fuel, LPG-powered vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and plug-in cars.

After all, we have extensive knowledge about harness application across various industries and vertical integration with harness manufacturing. In addition, we have gained enough experience and resources to handle different client requirements.

Auto wire harness manufacturers: Equipment

We have high-quality braiding equipment, customized overmolding, and exceptional potting capabilities with which we can design harnesses that can sustain all types of weather conditions.

Auto wire harness manufacturers: Certification

We have UL and CSA certification and thus strive to deliver you the best quality at the best prices. We also have manufacturing facilities in Asia with a China-based ISO/TS 16949-certified assembly plant. Thus, irrespective of location, we can manufacture and ship harnesses where and when you want.


As the wiring harnesses are becoming ubiquitous and essential, you mustn’t compromise on the quality. All wires, terminals, relays, connectors, and other components assemble in an automotive wiring harness to make a single connection with vehicle data and power supply. Such organized wires also make repairing and maintaining the reins easier and safer over time.

With Cloom as your wire harness manufacturer, you can get auto wire harnesses for any vehicle, irrespective of its year, make, and model. Whether you want to restore an old car or build a new custom car, we have all types of wiring solutions for you. We assure to use high-quality materials to make each product highly durable. Contact our knowledgeable engineers and get your queries resolved.

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