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Get Quality Custom Wiring Harness and Cable Assembling today.

After ten solid years of experience in the custom wiring loom sector, we have gotten the exact solution required for you—our customers—to meet your business needs and become successful.


Tailored High-Quality Cable Harness and Cable Assemblies That Are Secure and Reliable.

At Cloom, we make it possible for you to optimize and produce your dedicated wiring harness & cables with sturdy parts. We also ensure that all your goods pass-through strict process management. That way, it’s easier to team up with you to help grow your business rapidly.

Produce Unique Prototype

We design a unique prototype for you based on your spec sheets.

Deal with Your Cases with Utmost Priority

We have the best hands to deal with your cases professionally—while saving you stress.


We produce a better source of JST, TE, MOLEX, HIROSE, Dupont.

BNC connector

Maintain High-Quality Standards

We always ensure to meet the UL, 18001, 14001, IATF16949, ISO9001 System Management.

Cross-Section Analysis

All our terminal crimping passes via a thorough cross-section analysis.

Routing Tests at our OQC Dept

We carry out 100 percent online and an IEC spotting testing at our OQC Dept.

Find Out the Different Wiring and Cable We Produce

A wire harness connect electronically
Cloom has over ten years of experience producing custom wiring harness. And all that time, we have delivered high-quality custom wiring for every single client.

We provide custom cable assembly services based on your design requirements.

  • Connector-to-board assemblies
  • Multi-conductor interface assemblies
  • Power transmission assemblies
  • Coaxial cable assemblies
  • Electrical cable assemblies
  • And many more


Frequently Asked Questions

Cloom has no MOQ on standard products. However, some custom items may require material MOQ. Contact us for more information.
Most Cloom products ship from our office in Shijiazhuang,Hebei, China. We also can ship from Shenzhen that we utilize to better service our customers.
Yes, Cloom tests 100% of the cables we manufacture and ship.

Custom cable with equivalent connectors is 7-15 days.
Custom cable with original connectors is 20-25 days.

Small packages: Good discount to ship by HDL, FedEx, or TNT.
Middle packages: Ship by air to your nearest airport at a reasonable price.
Large & heavy packages: Ship by sea to your nearest port at a reasonable price.

Paypal, Bank transfer,Western union, Money gram
Yes, there is no additional charge for an order blind-drop shipped.
Yes. Cloom can provide our cables connected to virtually any connector. In fact, over 90% of our shipments consist of complete cable assemblies for customers.
Yes, you can mix and match wire gauges, wire types, and even wires and tubing, in the same flat cable.

Custom Wiring Harness Guide

READY to start customizing your harness?
Free download the Custom Wiring Harness​ guide.


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