9 Points tell why Custom Power Cords are important

Do you want to protect your workplace and project any possible damage due to electric wires? If you have ever faced any issue regarding the safety and management of live wires, it’s time to use custom power cords for your project.

Custom power cables with custom color code
Alt-Text: Custom power cables with custom color code

CLOOM Tech is one of the leading custom cords manufacturers in China, working with several international industries too. The custom power cable is not something that you can overlook while meeting the safety requirements. Having custom power cables not only make your project more efficient, but here are nine other benefits that you must know:

1.A Safe Working Environment With Custom Power Cords

Complicated appliances and projects might have to use several power cables with variable lengths. Standard lives wires and power cable are available in defined lengths. When you have to manage multiple wires according to project specifications, these cables don’t fulfill the needs.

While using power cables in the workplace or appliances, teams have to deal with several wires. Messed up and unorganized wires can create issues for the teams. Live wires can cause any damage to human life or the safety of the project. Basic maintenance can take hours if wires and power cables are not in the organized assemblies. And if you aim for a safer environment where teams can perform maintenance and other tasks without damaging anything, then custom power cables are the best option.

Managed wires for use in complex systems
Alt-Text: Managed wires for use in complex systems

Either you are working with custom appliances or want to give a professional look to your project, having custom power cables is the best investment from several aspects.

2.The Extreme Flexibility of Application

Live wires may seem a good idea when you need to power only one or two components. In complicated projects and industries, things can be pretty complicated. As everyone knows,not only in industry projects but in offices and workplaces too, you need to power several components or devices. Not all devices use the same cables with the same lengths. So, how do you manage so many wires in the workplace? And how can you avoid any possible issue regarding the management of the wires?

Custom power cables are an essential part of projects where you need to power several components or devices. Meanwhile you have limited options like:

• Standard lengths of the wires

• Only one or two colors for the power cords

• No choice of customizations as per the project specifications

• Lack of support for complex projects and appliances

If you are looking for cables that you can use as per the project specifications, custom cable manufacturing companies can help you out. You have unlimited options for the customizations to scale your projects for better performance.

3.Easy Installation of Custom Power Cables

Standard live wires are hard to install, and managing a lot of wires can take a lot of time. Once you have provided all the specifications, we will make sure that our custom services enhance the workflow. When you need to get more done in less time with efficiency, you cannot find anything better than the custom power cords.

Easy to install wires without any tools
Alt-Text: Easy to install wires without any tools

Custom power cables, wiring assemblies, and wiring harnesses are available as per the project specifications. The installation time for the custom wires is way less than the standard live wires, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time on tools too. Once every device and component is in place, connect the components in seconds with custom cable assemblies. As all the cables already have custom lengths, your teams don’t have to spend time on peeling and cutting the cables.

4.Withstand Extreme Abuse

In case you need to use power cords in harsh weather, standard live wires won’t last long. For use in the rough and harsh environment, only custom power cords can be useful. The custom power cords use high-quality materials. Due to high-quality insulation and material, these custom power cords can withstand any kind of use.

Once you have installed custom power cords for your project, you don’t need to worry about replacing or repairing the power cords sooner. Meanwhile,maintenance costs can be high for standard live wires, and maintenance can be time taking too. And ,custom power cables not only offer the flexibility of use, but you don’t have to worry about repairing and maintenance too. CLOOM Tech is manufacturing custom power cables for several industries. The quality of our power cables is second to none. But most of all, our engineers follow all international manufacturing standards in the process.

5.Strong Shielding Against Tearing

Any small cut in the power cable can cause issues for the appliance, and tearing can cause short circuit too. And,cut in the insulation of the power cables can endanger human life too.So, if any of your engineers or technician end up touching the torn cable, he might get an electric shock.

As custom cables come with custom lengths as per the project specifications, so there is the least involvement of the cutting tools. If you feel that standard cables don’t have sufficient shielding to protect the wires, we can add an extra layer of insulation on the wires.

Easy tearing of the wires with simple tools
Alt-Text: Easy tearing of the wires with simple tools

Customization of live wires by your team can lead to many issues like wastage of wires, torn insulation, and unorganized wires. With custom power cables, you can get rid of these extra tasks.

6.Improved Resistance Against Twisting and Pulling

Pulling and twisting of cables can cause issues as these things can disturb the cable quality. And,twisting or pulling during the installation of the wires can damage the wires too. So,standard cables cannot withstand the harsh conditions, and the repairing cost is way more for these cables. However, custom power cables use high-quality insulations that offer enhanced resistance against damages due to tearing, twisting, and pulling.

electrician engineer works with electric cable wires of the fuse switch box
Alt-Text: electrician engineer works with electric cable wires of the fuse switch box

CLOOM Tech manufactures the custom power cables according to the project specifications and cable needs. Our engineers work with the project teams to come up with custom cable assemblies. You can place your order right away if you know what you need.  If you are not sure what kind of cable assemblies you need, our engineer can analyze your project to come up with custom cable designs.

7.Least Wastage of Wires

Lives wires and custom power cables are not cheap. And you will have to bear higher wastage of wires due to the cutting of wires to meet the cable needs. Custom power cables are cheaper in this way as you don’t have to pay for extra wires that you are not going to use. And we manufacture exact lengths of the custom power cables as per the project specifications. Standard wires not only create an issue in the application of the wires, but it is an expensive deal too.

Our affordable custom power cables are the best choice when you need cost-effective solutions for projects and offices. Aslo, wastage of wires for the adjustment of the wires is a big problem for project teams and businesses.

8.Tested for Quality Assurance

When it comes to the safety of your team and the project, you should never compromise at any cost. We offer custom power cables after testing the products according to the international safety standards. Our services are for mega industries and businesses that value safety and brand value.

Do you know about the quality standards of the standard wires that are available in the market? What if the wires are of low quality? And, what to do if the material of the wires is of low-standards? So, custom services can be a better choice, if you want to ensure the safety of the project and workplace.

CLOOM Tech offers quality power cables that meet all international quality standards. While using custom wiring assemblies and wiring harnesses, you can trust our quality products. We have been dealing with international brands, and there has been no problem with the quality of our cables.

9.Cost-effective Solution

Do you want to order a few hundred custom power cables for your project? No matter what are your project requirements, we can offer custom manufacturing services for all sizes of orders. Our custom cable manufacturing services are flexible, and we don’t have limitations of the cable quantity.

Even if you think that standard cables are cheaper than the custom power cables, you will have to pay for extra maintenance costs. However, when you are using custom power cables, you can avoid paying for extra costs.


There are many benefits of custom power cables that can enhance project efficiency. For commercial and industrial use, custom power cables are a way better option than standard cables in terms of cost, efficiency, and safety. CLOOM Tech offers custom power cables, cable assemblies, and wiring harnesses for commercial and industrial use.

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