9 Important Things to Know About Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly

We understand the inherent frustration that comes with choosing the right cable assembly, which is why we take out the entire process of choosing your cable assembly. Instead, we create the cable assembly that you want the way you want it.

Our custom cable assemblies have better wiring and insulation than off-the-shelf cable assemblies. You can choose the connector that you want throughout your cables; you can also choose the material of the wiring itself. We test out wires for the best performance that you can buy, ensuring that the custom cable that you are buying is the best around.


Due to think construction and better efficient working, we use flat ribbon cable assemblies in projects where have limited space. At CLOOM Tech, we offer a wide range of services that cover almost every need for wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. No matter what are your project requirements, CLOOM Tech flat ribbon cable assembly manufacturing can offer custom solutions.

As flat ribbon cable assemblies are flexible, you can use these cables in any kind of the appliance where typical wires and cables don’t fit. Not only these cables perform well in the straight run, but you can turn these cables into any direction.

We have covered everything that any business owner or project team needs to know about flat ribbon cable assemblies. Here are the nine most important things about flat ribbon cable assemblies that you need to know in 2020.

Flexible flat cable at workshop

1. Why do you Need Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies?

Why do you need flat ribbon cable assemblies for your project? This question can arise in your mind, so we have covered the basic reason behind the use of these smart wiring solutions for your project. For external wiring, typical round cables can serve the purpose as there are no space limitations. What if you need to get the precision for internal installation in small devices? Have you ever thought about what kind of wiring assemblies transmit data and power in computing devices?  

Colorful multi wire bus connector on white ribbon cables

As the computing devices are too small in size, you need to use flat ribbon cable assemblies for the power supply. The use of flat ribbon cables is not limited to computing devices only. There are several appliances where you have to save space without affecting the integrity of the project.

If you have a custom project and want the flexibility of the custom components, flat ribbon cable assemblies are the best options. These assemblies are not only affordable options but offer the flexibility of use as per your project needs. You can turn these cables in any direction in very little space too.

2. Benefits of Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly

What are the advantages of flat ribbon cable assemblies? Why do you need to have flat ribbon cable assemblies manicuring costs in your budget? Here are some benefits of flat ribbon cable assemblies for your projects:

· Flat and Flexible Design

In small devices, the components need smart wiring solutions. If you want to use common round wires in a floppy disk, how can you do it? You need a cable that is not only flat as per the device design but also takes up less space within the component.

In custom projects, you have to direct current in different directions. The typical wires are not easy to flex or turn in any direction. For this purpose, you have to use flat ribbon cable assemblies that are not rigid. When you have limited space for internal wiring or the connection of two components within a device, you can use the flexibility of the flat ribbon cable assemblies.

· Easily Adjustable

In case of internal wiring, you don’t get the opportunity to direct the wires in desired directions. For easy adjustment of the cables within the devices, manufacturers suggest the use of flat ribbon cable assemblies. You don’t need to use any tool for insulation piercing as you can do it with a hand press.

· Color Coding

The reverse connection of the wires and the connectors can malfunction the working of the device. Flat ribbon cable assemblies come with color-coding is to make things easier for the engineers color-coding makes the adjustment easier as there are fewer chances of the error and the reverse connection.

Macro Ribbon cable with color coding

3. Types of Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly

For the further understanding of the categorization of the flat ribbon cable assemblies, we have an additional two types of cable assemblies.  We are going to describe these two types of flat ribbon cable assemblies in details below:

· Color-coded Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Rainbow ribbon cable or twist ribbon cable are two different names for flat ribbon cable assemblies. There is a pattern of repetitive color schemes in these cables. These colors help to identify the conductors easily. There are industry standards for the color-coding of the flat ribbon cable assemblies just as the resistors.

The first stripe with the color code goes with the first pin of the connector. The edges can be of any color, but most of the time, but most of the time, manufacturers follow some specific rules for the color-coding. The color-coding method works perfectly with components where we need two IDC connectors to establish the connection. These color distributions help in the identification of the conductors and the termination.

· Folded Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

If the design limitations require custom arrangements of the wires, flat ribbon cable assemblies are the best options. The material is usually flexible; that’s why you can fold the cable as per your custom requirements. You must have these flat ribbon cable assemblies as part of your wiring. For the permanent folding, you can use some arrangement tools too.

4. Color coding for Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly

The color coding is simple to understand. There are specific color schemes for the resistors, and manufacturers follow the same color-coding system in the manufacturing process. Generally, there are two colors for flat ribbon cable assemblies, red and brown. Both colors indicate the odd and even pins in the connectors.

5. Specification of Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly

There are two ways to specify the flat ribbon cable assemblies. One way to determine the spacing and the other method is to use the number of conductors as a specification standard. The most common spacing is 0.050 inches. There are custom spacing options available too.

At CLOOM Tech, if you have custom measurements for the spacing, we can manufacture custom flat ribbon cable assemblies for your project. For the tiny and portable devices, the spacing can be as less as 0.3mm. There are few values that most of the flat ribbon cable assembly manufacturers use is to minimize the confusion.  

6. Applications of Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly

The scope of the applications of the flat ribbon cable assemblies is wide, like in hard drives, CD drives, and floppy drives. The most common use of flat ribbon cable assemblies is to connect two components within a device. As the cables come with flat design, you get better management of the elements in less space. 

Hard disk drive with removed cover, hdd inside flat view, ribbon cable

In some advanced system, the use of the flat ribbon cable assemblies is limited as it can interfere with the proper airflow within the computer. For external connections, the round cables are better options, and for internal links, these flat ribbon cable assemblies prove to be more efficient. 

7. Future of Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly Manufacturing

The increasing demand for flat ribbon cable assemblies is going to boost the industry in the upcoming years too. The devices are becoming thin, so the use of flat ribbon cable assemblies is going to replace the use of round cables due to space limitations.

8. Things to ask in Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly Manufacturing

The flat ribbon cable assemblies manufacturing depends upon several factors like the choice of the conductors and the different pitches. The material in the flat ribbon cable assemblies is also an important factor that you need to consider for the project needs.

9. CLOOM Tech Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly Services

Being the custom cable assembly manufacturer, we are offering customer services for almost all sectors. From heavy industries to computing devices, we have custom wiring, and wiring harnesses services.

Here are some perks of choosing CLOOM Tech for flat ribbon cable assemblies:

  • State of the art testing labs
  • Use of quality materials in the production
  • Strict quality assurance standards
  • Advanced production units
  • Experienced and skilled engineers and production controllers

From choosing the right equipment for your project to delivering the best quality for your project, we will never let you down in flat ribbon cable assembly manufacturing. If you have any complicated project where you need the help of an experienced team, we are always here to help you with professional services.

Close up on a flat cable and connector


The use of flat ribbon cable assemblies is undeniable, and if you are not using these smart wiring solutions, you need to contact us right now. If you have custom requirements, you can drop us the details, and our active customer support agent will get back to you soon.

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