8 Tips on How Custom Wiring Harness Help in Your Project

Looking for the best custom wiring harness manufacturer? Your search ends now.

Well, a good custom wiring harness can make or mar your project. Finding the product that best meets their requirements can be a challenge. For manufacturers, a custom wiring harness providing proper specification is a must. It’s what will help you make the project successful. We have eight tips to help you select the best seller and product specifications.

Manual creation of a custom wiring harness
Alt- Manual creation of a custom wiring harness

1.Purchase Custom Wiring Harness From a Reliable Manufacturer

The toughest part about managing a project is–you can’t go over budget. Allocating resources is one of the most important aspects when it comes to any project. Cutting costs in the right places can work wonders for your project. But if you compromise the quality of the product, it will backfire.

There are many custom wiring harness manufacturers, each better than the other. However, there are a few manufacturers that deliver a custom wiring harness to you for a very low price. It is very tempting, but we recommend you steer clear of them. Such rates are a red flag when considering the quality.

Always stick to trusted manufacturers with good ratings from customers. Compare the cost of their services to decide. See if they have the right equipment. Know if they use state-of-the-art labs.

Reduce costs by finishing the project faster. It releases the resources allowing you to move on to the next project.

2. Pick the Custom Wiring Harness Material With Your Project in Mind

Material that goes into building a harness for one project may not match with the needs of another. So, the key here is to know your project and understand its applications. Once you know the requirements, make a list of what your wiring harness should include. Wires and sheathing are definite parts when building the custom wiring harness.

The insulation protects the wires from external factors and exposure. It prevents any fatal accidents or damage to property. Don’t pick a low-quality material because of its affordability. The quality of products determines the efficiency and durability of the project. Think of the big picture and not cutting costs.

In simpler terms, using the right materials to build the custom wiring harness is the best way to go.

3. Be Careful When Choosing the Connector

A red wire connector with insulated crimp
Alt-A red wire connector with insulated crimp

There are multiple connectors you can use to build a custom wiring harness. To get the expected results, you must think of the type of connector you’ll be using with the wires. It may seem like a small thing, but getting the wrong connector or a faulty one messes the result of the project. In the long run, a correct connector can prove essential to the success of your project.

Think of its application. Find a fitting connector rather than a random one. If you don’t, it can mar your progress and create problems for you.

There are different types of connectors like:

• Soldered connectors

• Crimp-on connectors

• Blade connectors

• Binding posts

Getting the right one for your project may determine whether your project is a hit or a miss.

4. Wires and Terminals are Quintessential

Electrical wires with cord end terminals
Alt-Electrical wires with cord end terminals

Wondering why previous projects have not performed as anticipated? Look carefully. The answer may be right in front of you. The cables and terminals used need to be just right to avoid poor performance. At times, the custom wiring harness may not work in sync with your project at all.

So, using the wrong cables and terminals is a disaster waiting to happen. Use the right combination of wires, terminals, connectors, and insulation. It allows the custom wiring harness to function smoothly.
Remember, different projects have different applications and need suitable wires and terminals. The wrong choice may result in poor performance or worse, failure. It takes a few trials and errors before you master the art of putting together a custom wiring harness. With experience, you’ll get there.

5. Crimping is Your Friend

A red crimping plier with a bunch of red and yellow connectors
Alt-A red crimping plier with a bunch of red and yellow connectors

If you don’t know what a crimp or the crimping process is, read this quick guide. There’s a lot of confusion amongst beginners when it comes to using crimping. Many undocumented facts claim that the process harms a custom wiring harness. Let’s clarify one thing–Crimping is a very important process for your project. It comes with a lot of proven benefits for a variety of applications and jobs.

Forget all the baseless facts you’ve heard about crimping. It prevents your insulation from breaking apart and keeps it intact. To keep the wires in position, crimp all the terminals without messing with the result.

6. Be Observant to the Insulation

To stay safe, ensure there’s no puncturing on the insulation.

It is every leader’s job to keep their team and consumers safe from harm. When building a custom wiring harness, it becomes important to observe the insulation.

Puncturing of any kind can lead to disasters and deaths. Invest in a well-insulated custom wiring harness to prevent any such accidents. Inspect the insulation closely to ensure there’s no puncturing at any point.

Check if the insulation covers all the tabs close to the wires as well. Use the harness only after you’re sure it is free of any punctures. Get a gap or puncture in the wiring fixed before using the product.

Contact the manufacturer instead of causing any accidents due to negligence.

7. Monitor the Placement of Wires and Insulation

Check the compatibility of wires and insulation to get the best results.

The insulation is not punctured, great. But is it compatible with the wires you’ve used in the custom harness?

To achieve the result you want, ensure that the wires and insulation work in cohesion. As you know, crimped wires and insulation perform similar functions. Position them in a way that enhances their compatibility and performance.

Understand every component before finalizing the design of your custom wiring harness. Do so with the result in mind. Your components may work together perfectly. But if the placement and combination are wrong, it can end in a disaster.

8. Right Technique Equals the Right Result

It is not enough to focus only on the materials and tools. Make sure you use the right technique too.

Sometimes you can fall short even if you use the best materials. It is important to use the right technique if you want things to work in your favor.

Make sure to perform the steps given below:

• Cut the wires into appropriate length

• Crimp the terminals safely

Crimping can help you keep the wiring in place. Ignore the negativity surrounding the process and don’t avoid crimping the wires.

Test all the wires to ensure they’re functioning as expected. Don’t forget to put the connector housings as well.

To get the best results put together the components in a smart yet effective way.


These are simple things that beginners or sometimes even professionals overlook. Ensure that you don’t make the same mistake. A well-built harness contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the process. The environment you’ll be placing it in is critical. You will want one manufacturer with the right equipment. And one who can deliver on time.

At CLOOM Tech, we use only the best quality components. We manufacture the best custom wiring harness for your projects. The team helps you put together a design for the wiring harness with the application in mind. Have customization worries? Don’t. Talk to us. We can help you design something unique for your project.

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