8 Tips for Custom Wiring Harnesses From a 10-year Veteran Engineer

With over ten years in the tech industry, engineers have put together the necessary information to help you custom wiring harnesses for your project.

What are the essential tips to aid you through this journey? Our veteran engineer with over ten year’s hands-on experience on the field provides the tips that serve as a guide to help you go about it the right way.

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1. Purchase customized wiring harness from a trusted company

The quest to cut costs may do you more harm than good. It is necessary to minimize costs whenever the opportunity avails itself.

Yet, be careful about how you cut costs. In purchasing the tools and materials  you require for your wiring harnesses, make certain that you buy items from a trusted supplier. That is important to ensure that you get the best quality for the wiring harnesses you want to build for your project.

Supplier of Customized Wire Harness

2. Pay attention to the materials

The material you make use of for building the custom wiring harnesses varies form one person to the next. That means that in creating your design, the type of material you make use of depends on what your project requires.

It is erroneous to make use of materials without understanding its applications. When making use of materials, the most common materials that are almost indispensable are wires and sheathing.

The sheathing helps to protect the wires and keeps them safe and away from undue exposure. The quality of the material determines the durability and efficiency of the custom wiring harness.

Custom Wiring Harness for Your Project

3. The appropriate connectors

Connectors are essential for building custom wiring harnesses. You wouldn’t want to end up with the wrong result. Something as little as a faulty connector mars the whole process and constitutes problems for you in the long run.

Wire Harnesses Plastic Connectors

4. Choose Wires and Terminals Carefully

The wrong cables and terminals also cause poor performance or failure in the ability of the custom harnesses to function in the right way.


5. Always Crimp Your Wire Harnesses

Crimping is an important part of the process. There are lots of benefits when making use of crimping on your job.

Ironically, there are some unfounded tales about crimping and the negative effect it reflects on your wiring harnesses. Well, all of that negativity you heard is far from the truth.

Crimping helps to keep your insulation in place and prevents it from breaking apart.

Wiring Harness Crimping

6. Pay Attention to the Insulation

There is no excuse for environmental hazards or disasters. You are to stay safe when using the custom wiring harness for your project.

For this reason, ensure you observe the insulation closely. The insulation needs to be free from any puncturing of any kind. Be certain there is no puncturing at any point close to the tabs close to the wires located.

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7. Crimped wires and insulation must be at the right place

The insulation and flush wires need to be compatible for you to achieve the result you hope for.

Suffice to say, the crimped wires and insulation possess a lot in common. So, both material needs to be in a position that reveals their suitability and compatibility.

Custom Wire Harness in China

8. Use the right technique

Getting the right materials and tools is not enough to give a good result. That implies that if people fail to follow the correct technique for the wiring harnesses, they will not get the right result.

For the custom wiring harnesses, ensure cut the wires into the appropriate length. Also, remember to crimp your terminal safely to both ends. That helps to keep the wire in place.

Test the wires to make sure that they are functioning properly and do not forget to put the connector housings as well.

Manufacturing Wiring Harnesses


These tips from a veteran engineer with over ten years’ experience. You can do this to help you with your custom harness wiring needs for your project. 

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