8 Reasons Waterproof Connectors Can Help You Power In Advance

Are you going for a custom cable assembly? Don’t you think you should go for waterproof electrical connectors for your project?

Waterproof connectors seem logical when you think of outdoor use. However, very few of us consider waterproof connectors for indoor use. Why do you need waterproof connectors? How will they benefit your custom cable assembly?

Worry not, as we will answer all your questions in this post. We will give you precisely eight reasons that make waterproof connectors a must.

Getting a good electrical connector
Alt – Getting a good electrical connector

1.Waterproof Connectors Not Manufactured for Environment

Believe it or not, not all connectors are the same in features! A custom cable assembly can use connectors not meant for the environment. For instance, connectors you use for outdoor lighting may not be waterproof. So they will get damaged by the moisture in the air.

As a result, your electrical connections can suffer. Various natural forces like rain, hail, snow, hurricanes, can also damage electrical connections. Your lights or devices may stop working or malfunction.

People who live in rainy areas can also experience moisture damage indoors. The air contains more water vapor that impacts connectors and connections.

However, you can prevent this problem. Just use waterproof connectors and stop getting concerned about weather elements and damage. Secure your electrical connections and keep your home and family safe.

Waterproof connectors make way for safe electrical connections.

Connectors needed for environment
Alt – Connectors needed for environment

2.Corrosion of Contact Pins

Moisture can get into the coupling of the connectors from external sources. The water can move into the connector and corrode various parts. Moisture can also destroy the contact points of the connector. It can then malfunction. The cable may not be able to carry electric or data signals. The circuit or the electrical system can also experience shorts.

All connectors are prone to corrosion. Over time, the metal parts may become brittle and break apart. We always recommend you use waterproof connectors. That will make your custom cable assembly successful.

You can also rule out any fear of corrosion. Your electrical connection will remain secure for its entire lifetime. So try to go for waterproof connectors when you order a custom cable assembly.

3.Excessive Temperature can Damage Insulation

Too hot or too cold temperatures are not good for your custom cable assembly. Such extreme temperatures can damage the insulation of the cable. As a result, the conductor gets exposed to the environment. Naturally, the moisture and environmental factors will damage the conductor.

Such exposed wires are really dangerous. You should never leave any wire exposed. The best thing is to use waterproof connectors. They will save your cable from harsh temperatures. Your insulation will also not suffer damages. Your electrical connection will be safe from shorts and malfunctions.

Waterproof connectors make durable connectors. They can withstand harsh conditions. You don’t have to worry about extreme temperatures anymore. Just use waterproof connectors that give you complete peace of mind.

Electrical terminal junction box
Alt – Electrical terminal junction box

4.The Mating Mechanism Can Fail

Every cable or wire has an expected number of mating cycles. Your custom cable assembly also has an expected cycle of mating. The fixing of one connector into another got the name of mating in electrical terms.

Now, any damage to the connector can reduce the mating cycles. Water damage or corrosion is the most common reason for damaged connectors. Such connectors don’t have the durability of a new connector. As a result, they can break or fall apart.

Such damages will hamper the mating cycle of your cables. The connectors won’t last for their expected lifetime. You will have to replace the connectors or the cable much earlier. Certainly, you don’t want that, do you?

For this reason, go for waterproof connectors. They will provide more longevity to your cable or wire.

5.May Damage Mating Components and Overmolding

The mating components are important parts of a cable. Your custom cable assembly also comes with mating components for securing connections. Sometimes, manufacturers also use techniques like over-molding.

Overmolding makes a cable strong and resistant to strain. It provides higher flexibility and prevents abrasion. Overmolding also creates water-resistant connections. However, the components and over-molding may not withstand water effectively.

Water might seep into the connectors and damage internal parts. Moisture may develop rust on the metal parts. The mating components can also suffer damage. The over-molding can also give up and fall prey to water damage.

In such cases, waterproof connectors solve all problems. You can keep your mating components protected and over-molding safe. No water or environmental factor will make your cable go bad.

6.Effect on Humidity on Electric Circuit

Humidity in the environment affects your custom cable assembly. Not only that, but moisture can also damage the electric circuit. Nobody wants that! Your whole project can suffer and fail.

Moisture in the environment is not good for cables and connectors. The moisture can end up in the electric circuit. It can hamper the function of the circuit. Moisture can also make it completely non-functional. Devices connected to the circuit can also suffer damages.

You can use waterproof connectors to protect your electric circuits. The water-resistant connectors don’t let in any environmental moisture. It keeps the wire and electric circuit dry. As a result, no internal damage of the circuit occurs. You can use your product for a long time without compromise.

Electric circuit board
Alt – Electric circuit board

7.Corrosion and Contact Resistance

Water can destroy contact points. It can create uneven surfaces and erode crucial metal required for passing current. The corrosion can also decrease the radius of the conductor or contact point. As a result, the cable won’t be able to carry the required electricity.

As corrosion increases, so does the contact resistance. That means you can use it for your application anymore. The high resistance can also lead to unsafe conditions and fires. The wire can get too heated and result in a short. It can put your product and the surrounding areas in great danger.

You can easily forget corrosion by using waterproof connectors. Your custom cable assembly will benefit a great deal from the moisture-resistant connectors. No need to worry or spend sleepless nights anymore!

8.Waterproof Connectors-Prevent Contact Oxidation

The contacts of your custom cable assembly are prone to water damage and dust. Moisture can not only corrode the contacts but also lead to oxidation. That would naturally make your product useless.
Oxidation is a form of metal corrosion. It can have the same effects rust has on iron. Your connectors and connections can lose integrity. They may become less durable and strong. In the end, they might break off or disintegrate. The whole process leaves your project in jeopardy.

We always recommend you to use waterproof connectors. You never need to get concerned about corrosion or oxidation.

Final Thoughts

Water or moisture can damage your custom cable assembly. It can destroy the metal parts, damage the circuit, and erode the contacts. Moisture can also hamper your project and fail. Always use waterproof connectors when you have moisture concerns.

Your cables and wires will last a long time without exception—request for waterproof connectors when you place your order with us. We will provide the best quality products at the most reasonable rates.

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