8 Precautions for Crimping Wires in Wiring Harness Manufacturing

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Our custom cable assemblies have better wiring and insulation than off-the-shelf cable assemblies. You can choose the connector that you want throughout your cables; you can also choose the material of the wiring itself. We test out wires for the best performance that you can buy, ensuring that the custom cable that you are buying is the best around.


Soldering wires in the wire harnesses are not only time consuming but costly method too. If you want to keep the project cost at minimal, then think of a smart solution. As wiring harness manufacturing is a more effective approach for wire management, crimping is also a better alternative for soldering.

Crimper with red handles
Crimper with red handles

Crimping wires in wire harness manufacturing requires quality testing as terminal connections define the durability of wire harnesses. CLOOM Tech wiring harnesses manufacturing teams use state of the art crimping tools. We ensure quality connections between all terminals in any wiring harness. Here are some considerations crimping wires:

1. Wire Insulation Should Fully Enter the Crimp Tab

The crimp tab is responsible for holding the wire tight and make sure that the wire fully covered with the crimp tab. When peeling off the wire, strip enough wire and twist the wire in such a way that tab can grip it firmly. Crimp tab must be fully over the wire, and if it touches the insulation, that’s fine.

Tools and tips of different sizes and colors for crimping stranded electrical wires
Tools and tips of different sizes and colors for crimping stranded electrical wires

In most cases, it is better if the crimp tab not only fully covers the stripped wire but also a slight portion of the insulation. It adds an extra layer of firm grip so that crimped wires can withstand rough use during installation and application. There are some more advanced crimping tools and connectors where you don’t need to strip the wires. The connectors can make contact with the strands without stripping the wire. This method is most effective and less time-consuming. When you press the crimp tab, it will automatically make direct contact with the wire. You can skip the long process of stripping wires for crimping. In case you insert stripped wires in these connectors, you will still get the same results, but why would you like to waste your time with stripping.

2. The Wire Should Be Flawless.

The crimping process ensures the firm grip of the terminals and connectors, but if the wire is flawed, you may not get the desired quality. In the wiring harness manufacturing, the quality of wire matters a lot. At CLOOM Tech, we have strict protocols to ensure the international standards of wiring harness manufacturing.

If you think that using damaged wire will get the job done, then you are not only wasting your time but your investment too. Nothing is more important than the safety of your project. So, make sure that you that the wires that you are trying to use in wiring harness manufacturing are flawless. Damaged wires may not work in the very first stage, and even if the miracle happens, the connection will break soon. Once the power supply cut off, you will end up paying even more money in the form of repairing costs.

Electrical crimp tools and wire
Electrical crimp tools and wire

3. Connectors Fully Retain the Wire

Lose connectors are the biggest threat to the smooth transmission of data and energy. While connecting terminals in wiring harness manufacturing, there are several ways to ensure the retention of wire. The end goal of using advanced tools and crimping technologies is to ensure firm connections. If that does not happen and you end up with losing terminals, there is no point in investing in these services. CLOOM Tech especially focuses on the quality crimping as part of better customer support. We continuously check every batch against different methods for wire retention. Every product from CLOOM Tech comes with quality crimping so that you can rely on our products and services.

4. Crimp Indentation Must be Right.

This precaution is not only about the quality of crimping but more about the aesthetics. For better management and presentation of wires, all components must be well-aligned. While crimping wires for wiring harness manufacturing, wires must be in the center of the crimping tab. If the wires are not centrally aligned, the tab will not properly grip the wires. The central indention is important for a firm grip, and it also presents the project in a better way.

5.No Signs of Tearing or Pulling on the Insulation

Wires that you are using in wiring harness manufacturing are somehow different from the typical energy wires. These wires are part of complex systems where quality matters the most. Unlike simple circuits, changing and replacing wires in the wiring harness can be a hectic task. If you have wires with poor or damaged insulation for crimping in the wiring harnesses, it may break from the weak points.

Tools for electrician and cables
Tools for electrician and cables

While using wires for crimping in the wiring harness manufacturing, make sure to connect reliable wires. If you feel that the slight damage can turn to be a disaster in the future, consider replacing that wire. You can use that slightly damaged wire somewhere else in the system, but wiring harnesses are not the option here.

6. Crimp Tab Should not Damage Insulation.

The use of crimping technology can alter the wire crimping process. In general, manufacturers use typical crimping methods for wiring harness manufacturing. Hence, wire with striped insulation goes into the crimp tab. The crimp tab slightly holds the insulation too for a firm grip. The crimp tab should not damage further insulation. While pressing the crimping tool, use enough force to grip the wire but don’t break the insulation. Striped insulation can because of corrosion due to damaged insulation. In a work setting with chemical exposure and humidity, perfect insulation is really important. Although the crimp tab will damage a small portion of the insulation, the impact can be huge.

7.No Broken Insulation

While stripping the insulation, you will have to be careful. Wrong stripping can break the insulation, and that is bad for project safety. Insulation is not only critical for project safety but human safety too. Exposure to the wire with broken insulation can lead to serious health damage.

Engineer crimping wires
Engineer crimping wires

At CLOOM Tech, we use custom wires and cables for wiring harness manufacturing. We take special precautions during the design and manufacturing process to deliver flawless products to our clients. While working with our team, you can have peace of mind as you will get professional crimping with flawless wires and components.

8.No Visible Cracks in any Component

Wire separation of damaged wires is a red flag for you. If you see any type of damaged insulation of other abnormalities in the wire, skip that wire and use the new one. These quality standards are not for wires only, but every involved component must be in perfect shape. From wires to the crimp tab, every component is equally important. Ignoring one component may lead to bigger damage later on. A professional wiring harness manufacturing supplier will consider all of these precautions. We have a long checklist for wiring harness manufacturing so that we don’t have to face any complaints from the clients.

Crimping tool component and cables
Crimping tool component and cables


If you want to save project costs with professional crimping in wiring harness manufacturing, you can have a detailed meeting with our team. CLOOM Tech offers affordable yet quality wiring harness manufacturing services to international and local projects. We can help you to scale your business.

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