Custom Cable Assembly–8 Important Considerations Before Production

We understand the inherent frustration that comes with choosing the right cable assembly, which is why we take out the entire process of choosing your cable assembly. Instead, we create the cable assembly that you want the way you want it.

Our custom cable assemblies have better wiring and insulation than off-the-shelf cable assemblies. You can choose the connector that you want throughout your cables; you can also choose the material of the wiring itself. We test out wires for the best performance that you can buy, ensuring that the custom cable that you are buying is the best around.


The custom cable assembly design process demands most of your attention. Identifying all the requirements and specifications at the very initial planning stage can lead to better scalability of the project. Are you looking for a bulk product of custom cable assemblies for your industrial project? Evaluating your requirements can be very helpful if you don’t want to face any complications after the shipment has arrived.

Colorful wire harness and connector housing
Colourful wire harness and connector housing

To obtain satisfactory customized cable assemblies. The following are some important items that must consider before producing custom cable assemblies:

1.Electrical Requirements

Custom cable assembly production results and design process highly depends on the electrical requirement of the project. The varying levels of current and voltage must be important considerations regarding the cable assembly design. Electrical specifications, like the number of contacts, operating voltage, and operating current, must be clear before the design process. The resistance of wires and connectors can also impact the performance of the project.

While choosing the appropriate wires according to the work environments, make sure that you are not compromising on the electrical specifications. There are many other electrical specifications too that may not be under your consideration but are important. The separation of signals and power will also have an impact on the custom cable assembly design. So, make sure that all of the specifications and requirements are clear to the manufacturer. Miscommunication between the supplier and the client can lead to wrong cable production. Every single factor that you think is not related to electrical requirements must be under consideration for the effective delivery of shipment.

2.Cable Type

The cable design is another critical factor to consider in custom cable assembly production. The cable-type can vary according to the requirements of the appliances. Mostly, flat ant round cables are two common options for industrial and commercial use. In residential applications, round cables are applicable for almost appliances. But for industrial appliances and other machines, cable type matters a lot. In complex appliances where space is limited, round cables cannot fit in. So, flat ribbon custom cable assemblies are better suitable for such applications.

Precision work on the production line
Precision work on the production line

Depending on the exposure of chemicals or moisture, the type of shielding will also affect the project. In hot and extreme work environments, jacketed cables are a better option, and for mass termination, flat cables are more effective.

The round cables are too common in the industry due to compactness and durability. As compared to the flat cables, round cables can perform effectively in long runs. The twisting and bending also have the least impact on the round cables. So, if you are not sure about the appropriate cable type, try communicating with the designer team. CLOOM Tech custom cable assembly designers are best in the field. From analyzing the project requirements to suggesting the right cable type, they have exceptional skills.

3.Safety of Cable Assemblies

The safety standards of the manufacturing company are important for different regions. Make sure that your custom cable suppliers follow the industry safety standards for the production process. Determine if the manufacturer is compliant with the safety regulations or not.

And the use of different jacketing materials also refers to the safety of custom cable assemblies. The shielding and jacketing of the assemblies will ensure safety against external and environmental factors. The wrong choice of protective materials may lead to the early tearing of the wires. For better performance and safety of your project, invest your money in reliable manufacturing services.

Safety of electrical cables
Safety of electrical cables

4.Custom Cable Assembly–Durability of Material

Project teams usually make a mistake at this point. The better quality of wires will come at a higher cost. For keeping things under control, project teams tend to choose cheaper cables. Ignoring the durability of the material can cause poor performance and risks of short circuits. Before the bulk production of the custom cable assemblies, ensure that the chosen material suits your project specifications.

Use cases to define the right material for the project. If you are going to install the custom cable assemblies at extremely high temperatures, choose the wire material with high-temperature resistance. For oil and chemical industries, choose a material that can withstand chemical and moisture exposure. In mechanical industries, a lot of bending and movement are involved so, more flexible cables can perform better? The durability of cables defines the success and efficiency of your project.

5.Custom Components and Jacketing

Do you have specific project requirements that demand the use of special materials and components? In such scenarios, discuss the details with your supplier. Some suppliers may take extra time for delivery in case of customs requirements. For medical cable assemblies, special materials and coating materials are required. Typical cable manufacture may not be able to meet your demands. So, always choose a professional custom cable manufacturing company that can deliver your desired products.

At CLOOM Tech, we have been dealing with industrial project teams for a long time. We cover a wide range of custom products, including custom cable assemblies and custom wiring harnesses. While ordering bulk orders for custom cable assemblies, you don’t need to worry about the availability of the material. Leave that part to us, and we will make sure you have exact custom products as per your project specifications.

Man cutting the custom cable
Man cutting the custom cable

Protective materials and jackets my look normal thing but the impact of shielding are very critical. So, spend some time analyzing the project for better material and component choices.

6.Custom Cable Assembly–Design Specifications

Here comes the most important factor to consider for bulk production of custom cable assemblies. The design process of cable assemblies must be clear and understandable. Any kind of ambiguity or doubt can lead to conflicts after the delivery of the order. The availability of the space, mechanical movement of the components, and environmental conditions define the design of the cable assemblies.

For a project where cables need to transmit power at longer distances, round cables perform better. So, the cable design must ensure that the durability of round cables stays intact, but assembly also fits in the appliance. In a project where weight reduction is a primary concern, assembly design will use flat ribbon cables. Flat cables are perfect for appliances with low space. The design process will take account of all of these aspects.

7.Custom Cable Assembly–Performance

No client would ever want to miss this important point while ordering bulk production of custom cable assemblies. Materials, cable design, connector material, and shielding are a few factors that determine the performance of a custom cable assembly. The optimized custom cable assembly design will cover every aspect of project specifications, including the performance of the wires.

The cable design must maintain the efficiency and performance level over time. The choice of material matters the most when it comes to the performance and quality of the custom cable assemblies. The use of technology can boost performance. The cable assemblies are becoming more compact and smaller in size. So, these new requirements must not affect the quality and performance of the custom cable assemblies.

8.Custom Cable Assembly–Operating Environment

Do you think medical cable assembly can meet the requirements of automotive production units? Each custom cable assembly has some distinct electrical and design properties. Not following the work environment restrictions and limitations may lead to project failure.

Electrician worker checking voltage of the electric power switch
Electrician worker checking voltage of the electric power switch

For medical facilities, we need custom cable assemblies that are easy to clean and can resist the tearing due to sterilization. So, the oil refineries and chemical units require cable assemblies that withstand exposure of chemicals and moisture. Projects with high-temperature demand high-quality materials with high-temperature resistance. So, the operating environment determines cable design, cable type, and cable quality. The list of considerations can be very long. Don’t hurry while ordering the custom cable assemblies. Do your research and try to discuss the project goals with your supplier.


Do you need affordable custom cable assemblies without worrying about all of these mentioned points? CLOOM Tech team is always ready to help businesses and projects with custom wiring harnesses and custom cable assemblies. If you want a cost estimation of your project or want to discuss the project details with our team, please write to our team, and a team representative will get back to you soon. You can rely on CLOOM Tech custom cable assembly services.

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