7 Systematic Questions About Ribbon Cable Assemblies Manufacturing

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At CLOOM Tech, we have compiled the list of most important questions that we generally receive from technical and non-technical teams. This guide about the essential questions regarding ribbon cable assembly is for experienced audiences.  In case you find anything missing in this guide, you can drop the use of the points, and we will try to answer your queries.

Colored multi wire parallel connector detail on ribbon cables pile

1. Why does our Project need Ribbon Cable Assembly?

Let’s start with the fundamental concept of why you need to invest in ribbon cable assembly manufacturing? Well, if you have a massive industry project under development or working on small computing devices, you have to connect different components in a machine. For the internal wiring and the connectivity of the elements, you have to use thin wires due to space limitations.

In such requirements, the normal round cables cannot be a perfect fit as these cables require more space. For the better arrangements of the wires within the given space, you have to use thin wires that are easy to install and manage. The ribbon cable assemblies are not only cost-efficient, but with better arrangements of the wire, you get easy maintenance and risk-free transmission.

Hanging colored multi wire ribbon cables with connectors

2. What are the Most Common uses of the Ribbon Cable Assembly?

There are several uses of ribbon cable assemblies in common industries like automobiles, computing devices, and heavy industries. The use of ribbon cable assembly is increasing in the aviation industry, too, due to weight management and sleek designs. Transmission and communications components are the main uses of the ribbon cable assemblies in different devices. Ribbon cable assembly is perfect for internal wiring, where you need to deal with wiring arrangements in less space.

Another major application of the ribbon cable assembly is the computer industry. As we know that there are a lot of different small components on the computer, so we need sleek cables to connect these components. Regular round cables cannot serve this purpose, so we use ribbon cable assemblies  for the wiring with the computer. There are a lot of different appliances where we have to use ribbon cable assemblies like CD drives, floppy disks, computing devices, automobiles, and smart devices.

3. What industries can use the Ribbon Cable Assembly for Their Projects?

The use of ribbon cable assembly is not limited to any specific industry. In the beginning, the use of ribbon cable assembly was too common in computing devices, only like floppy disks and HDD. For heavy industries, regular cables were available, but the management of these cables was not easy. There were not many options available in the round cables as manufacturers follow specific standards for the production of these cables.

Plugging in a ribbon cable which connect circuit boards and components

The use of ribbon cable assemblies has expended to almost every sector of industry where you have to deal with internal wiring. The management is easier, and you can quickly reduce the wiring weight with ribbon cable assembly. The ease of use and better control in less space has attracted the aviation industry too towards this area of the custom solutions. The automobile sector is one of the major industries that require the use of ribbon cable assemblies at larger scales.

4. How to Determine the Required Size of the Ribbon Cable Assembly?

The size of the ribbon cable assembly is an important factor that you need to focus on. If you have custom requirements for your project but don’t get the right sizing, your order can be a waste of money. With custom orders, we suggest paying special attention to the sizing details. If you are not sure about the size requirements, we can help you with choosing the right size for ribbon cable assembly. We have a team of expert analysts that can inspect your project for custom cable assembly and custom wiring harness requirements.

The size of the ribbon cable assembly must be a little bit larger than the exact measurements as some parts are going to be part of the connectors too. The spacing between two conductors in pitch and you need to consider this factor also for the right side of the ribbon cable assembly. The standard measurements of pitches are 0.050 inches or 1.27 millimeters.  

5. What are the advantages and limitations of the Ribbon Cable Assembly?

The use of ribbon cable assembly is increasing due to different benefits of the custom solutions for a different project. The most important advantage of the ribbon cable assembly is the better management of the wires in less space. Some projects may require the connections between different components like we see in computers. If we use standard round cables in computers, we won’t be able to use these computers anymore as there would be bulky wires everywhere. So, you get to enjoy the easy management due to the custom cable assemblies. The cables come in different color codes for the better identification of the conductors and the other parts of the system. 

Flat ribbon cable isolated on white

For internal wiring, you don’t get the flexibility of using typical devices for the installation. With several ribbon cable assemblies, you can easily install and fix the meetings with a simple hand press. It not only reduces the production cost but helps in weight reduction too.

6. Why are Ribbon Cable Assemblies Coded in Different Colors?

The colors of the rainbow ribbon cables help to identify the conductors. There are primary colors for different stripes like red, brown, yellow, and all other colors. But to reduce the confusion, the ribbon cable assembly manufacturers generally refer to the brown and the red tones. The red color stripe goes with the first pin in the connector, and the brown color keeps repeating with the red one.

The primary purpose of the color coding is to ease the engineers working on the project. With different colors, you can easily identify the conductors. When you know the conductors with the colors, the maintenance process also seems like an easy task. Without the colors, you can end up with a reverse connection, and that can cause problems for the overall working of the project. If you connect the components in the opposite direction, the reverse link can damage the device and the elements.  

Computer cable into system unit

7. How to Order Custom Ribbon Cable Assembly for a Project?

If you want custom ribbon cable assemblies for your project, you can contact CLOOM Tech for the custom orders. You may not find the custom ribbon cable assemblies in your local market. The best and the easiest way to order ribbon cable assemblies online is to go for CLOOM Tech services.

The ordering process at CLOOM Tech is really simple. If you have clear details and the project requirements, you can write to us on our official mail address. If you are not sure about your project requirements, you can hire our team to inspect your project. We can come up with better suggestions according to your project.


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