7 Practical Tips for Project Teams on Thermocouple Wires and Cables

In industrial and engineering environments, typical temperature measurement devices don’t prove to be very effective. Teams and engineers have to choose such temperature sensing tools that can work effectively in intense conditions. Thermocouple wires and cables are the only responsive and accurate options to measure the high temperatures of 270 to 2,500 degrees Celsius.

Thermocouple in heater to sense and measure the temperature
Thermocouple in heater to sense and measure the temperature

If you want cost-effective and accurate temperature measuring thermocouple wires and cables, CLOOM Tech can help you with custom requirements. For all challenging and hazardous environment settings, our custom made cables’ performance can meet your expectations. If you need guidance about thermocouple wires and cables, here is everything you need to know.

1. Thermocouple Cables and Wires are Supposed to Be Cheap

If you think that expensive thermocouples are better than the custom ones, you might be wrong. The low price of the thermocouple wire makes them so famous in the industrial sector. There is no point in paying more when you can get quality cables at cheaper rates.

Unlike many other industrial instruments, these thermocouple cables and wires are pretty much inexpensive. The use of thermocouple cables and wires for industrial and engineering teams is not a novel thing. Due to cost-effective automation and better control in high temperatures, using and maintaining thermocouples is a lot easier than any other material.

Why should you invest in thermocouple cables and wires for your industry or engineering project? Why thermocouple cables and wires are better than other measurement tools and instruments? Firstly, thermocouples are cheaper than other available options in the market. Secondly, the accuracy and precision of thermocouples are way better than many other options.

The basic working of Thermocouple cables and wires
The basic working of Thermocouple cables and wires

2. Working of Thermocouple Cables is Reliable in all Industrial Sectors

You should choose tools that can perform efficiently in complex and rough working environments too. Choosing the thermocouple wires and cables will empower your team to deploy cheaper solutions for different units.

Thermoelectric is the principle behind the working of a thermocouple. As soon as there is some variation on one end of the wire, it triggers the change of temperature on the other end—these variations of the temperature cause the voltage change in a closed circuit. In simple words, you might have noticed that if you put a frying pan over fire, heat transfers from the hot end to the cold hand grip part. In the case of the current, the variations are more obvious, and thermocouple can help to detect the temperature quickly.

Electromotive force generates the amount of current due to the different temperature levels on both ends. The thermocouple temperature measuring settings have a voltmeter attached, and this meter shows the voltage reading. By calculating the voltage readings, teams can precisely predict the temperature on the hotter end. If the temperature levels are the same on both ends of the thermocouple, there will be no more voltage readings. No voltage reading will indicate there are no temperature variations in the wire.

A large collection of thermocouple wires and cables for industrial use
A large collection of thermocouple wires and cables for industrial use

3.Must Install the Right type of Thermocouples for Project

Various famous types of thermocouples are currently available in the market. For different environments, applications, and challenges, you can use different thermocouples accordingly. You cannot use a single thermocouple for all ranges of temperature. We use different letters to distinguish the types of thermocouples like J, K, L, N, and T thermocouples.

K-Type Thermocouples

These are the nickel-based thermocouple wire and cables. The k-type thermocouple is one of the most famous sensing instruments for industrial units. Where you need a temperature measurement tool for the temperature range of -200 to +1260 Celsius, K-type thermocouple can be best suitable. You don’t need to worry about problems like corrosion or oxidation.

J-Type Thermocouples

The measurement range for J-type thermocouples is between -40 to +750 Celsius. The lifespan of these thermocouples is also not that kind of impressive. If we compare the price of J-type thermocouple with other types, this one is the cheapest option. For measurements from old equipment, J-type thermocouples are best.

N-Type Thermocouples

The operating range of temperature for N-type thermocouples is -270 to +1300 Celsius. These thermocouple cables and wires are more expensive than the previous types. It is the best fit for industrial environments where nuclear activity is involved.

T-Type Thermocouples

These thermocouple wire and cables are most suitable for the laboratory measurement with the range of -200 to +350 Celsius. The temperature measuring configurations for this type is most stable as compared to all other types.

4. Applications of the Thermocouple Cables are Wide

There are several domestic, commercial, and industrial applications of the thermocouple cables and wires. One type does not fit all applications and industries. From household appliances to industrial machinery, there are several applications of thermocouple cables and wires in different forms. Here are some major fields of life where the use of thermocouple cables and wires is common as temperature measuring devices:

•  Domestic heat sensors

•  Professional applications

•  Household appliances

•  Industrial settings

•  Heavy pieces of machinery

•  Automotive mechanism

•  Laboratory settings

Here are some major examples of the applications of thermocouple cables and wires:

•  Thermocouples for thermostats

•  Thermocouples medical thermometers

•  Thermocouples for automotive diagnose

•  Thermocouples for boilers

•  Thermocouples for ovens and sensors

•  Thermocouples for food production units

5. How to Distinguish Thermocouple Wires?

The thermocouple wires and cables come with some unique color schemes. These different colors help the engineers and teams to distinguish thermocouple wires and cables from other cables. The wires within the thermocouple have different colors, too, like the negative lead is generally red. The outer jacket of thermocouple wires and cables is generally brown.

Thermocouple in the heater, Heat measurement equipment
Thermocouple in the heater, Heat measurement equipment

6. Thermocouples are the Best Way to Measure the Industrial Temperature

Industrial settings require such temperature measuring tools and equipment that can perform under extreme conditions too. General temperature sensing devices and instruments are generally fragile with a limited range of the temperature measurement. The conditions that can be harsh and extreme are heavy machinery industries and nuclear projects. Engineers have to opt for options that are not only reliable but precise and accurate too.

Industrial teams have to respond so they look for options that can deliver accurate results and the variations in the least time. Due to the unique approach for the temperature measurement by using the voltmeter, the measurements are quick and precise. The other major reason behind the use of thermocouple for the industries is the affordability of the sensors. Thermocouples are cheaper and useable in massive projects. You don’t have to worry about the installation and maintenance of the thermocouple cables and wires.

Sensor for measuring the temperature of the heating device
Sensor for measuring the temperature of the heating device

7.Troubleshooting Tips for Thermocouples

The installation of the thermocouple cables and wires is simple, and you can use these cables as sensing instruments almost anywhere. If something goes wrong with the temperature measuring instrument, there can be some problems with the thermocouple cables and wires. You must be able to troubleshoot the possible error in the arrangements of the wires.

The first thing to notice while detecting the problem is to check for the damaged wires. Wires can break due to rough installation, although thermocouple cables and wires are very strong, yet being careful is not a bad option. The reverse polarity of the thermocouple loop can also disturb the working of the instrument. In the troubleshooting process, make sure that the resistance of the loop is not too high. 100 ohm is the highest value that you can use for the thermocouple loops as there are two wires in the loop, so the total length of the wire is double of the actual wire length.

For accuracy and precision, the best practice is to keep the thermocouple cables and wires away from other current-carrying conductors. The color coding can vary for different areas. If you are not using the thermocouple cables and wires in the US or any other country that has standard color schemes, make sure to perform double-check.


If you are ready to implement affordable and accurate temperature measuring instruments for your projects, it’s time to start looking for thermocouple cables and wire manufacturers. Only trusted thermocouple cables and wires manufacturing company can deliver the desired results. At CLOOM Tech, we have special testing labs and experienced engineers to deliver exceptional products. We are always ready to offer custom thermocouple cables and wires manufacturing services for any sector.

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