7 Practical Benefits of Fluoropolymers as Custom Wire and Cable Insulations

Being able to use the wire insulation that is not only thin but durable, too, has been the dream of every project engineer. When it comes to custom wires and cable, insulation is the first thing that concerns the client.

Not long ago, all the custom wires and cable assembly manufacturers were using typical materials for insulation. CLOOM Tech was one of the few companies that started using Fluoropolymers as cable and wire insulation.

Cable with insulation
Cable with insulation

Here are some practical benefits of Fluoropolymers as custom cable and wire insulations that might be helpful in your project requirements:

1. Extreme Temperature resistance

There are unlimited applications of custom wires and cables. Every field of life where you need power, you need electricity. So, no matter it is an oil refinery or a medical facility, you need wires to transmit electricity. The work environment can be variable for all fields. The changing external factors demand precise measurements so that the project goes unaffected.

The high temperature was the biggest threat to the cables. Hence, we decided to use Fluoropolymers for insulation as its temperature resistance is way better than many other materials. Fluoropolymers insulated cables can perfect quite well in the environment with 300 °C.

In terms of wire quality, manufacturers can use copper or any other effective material. On the other hand, the insulation or the protective layer of the wire is also equally important.

How do you describe a quality cable? We think you should be looking for a durable and think wire. Well, for durability and resistance against external forces, we can use solids and other materials, but how to make it thin? Most of the available materials that are durable lack the other property and vice versa.

CLOOM Tech decided to use a relatively new trend of Fluoropolymers for the insulation of custom wires and cables. Guess what, it not only worked out perfectly but our clients were also happy with the quality.

2.Chemical Exposure Resistance

In industries like oil refineries and heavy machinery units, high temperature is not the only issue. Temperature is only dangerous for the insulation while the chemicals can impact the wires too. Hence, chemical resistance is another factor that forced the manufacturers to switch to Fluoropolymers.

The custom wires and cables with Fluoropolymers are suitable for almost all industries where high-temperature and chemicals are major concerns. The better quality material offers a better lifespan, and that is a useful factor for keeping the maintenance costs lower.

Chemical exposure is something that is going to impact the project workflow in the worst way. If the insulation goes down due to chemical exposure, the wires will start facing corrosion. It will not only reduce electrical performance but will finally lead to project failure. So, the insulation is not just about aesthetics. Using better materials for the insulation of custom wires and cables is critical for project success.

Group of red electric cables with insulation
Group of red electric cables with insulation

These little benefits make bigger impacts in practical performance. Even if you think that you can avoid chemical exposure with precautionary measures, you are disappointed. A little negligence can sabotage the project. Hence, whether there are chances of chemical exposure of not, using Fluoropolymers is always going to be beneficial.

3.Optimized Cable Design for Small Spaces

Why do most of the custom wire and cable manufacturers use thin protective layers? The obvious answer is they want to ensure higher durability and stability. Is there any other purpose of spending extra money on thick protective jackets? Well, protection of the wire is the primary purpose of using jacketed cables here.

What if we can offer better protection against external factors without spending more money on extra layers? Don’t you think thinner wires will be better with reduced weight? If you want this to happen in real life, then you need to go for custom cables and wires with Fluoropolymers insulations.

The technician manually measures the diameter of the power cord
The technician manually measures the diameter of the power cord

Fluoropolymers offer better efficiency and protection against tearing and breakdown as any other quality material. But Fluoropolymers don’t require thick wires to protect the wires. A relatively thinner layer of Fluoropolymers is enough to offer optimized protection. It allows engineers to use quality custom wires and cables in small places.

It not only reduces the diameter of the wires but reduced the weight too. The reduced weight of Fluoropolymers insulation makes it a suitable option for aerospace and military applications too. As compared to many other available materials, the walls of Fluoropolymers insulation are 40% thinner.
Weight reduction, space reduction, and cost reduction are the goals of every client and manufacturer. With the use of Fluoropolymers as the insulation for custom wires and cables, all seem to be coming true.

4.How to Custom Wire and Cable Better Efficiency

Aside from all other benefits of Fluoropolymers as insulation for custom wires and cables, better efficiency is the ultimate goal. No matter how protected the cables are, if electricity transmission is not efficient, then you cannot use those cables. Fluoropolymers don’t interfere with the internal working of the wires. Whether the cables are carrying data or current, Fluoropolymers will not alter the results. With qualities like resistance against extreme temperatures and resistance against chemicals, the efficiency is always on top.

Electric glowing lightning between colored brake cables
Electric glowing lightning between colored brake cables

With the low coefficient of friction and better electrical properties, engineers can use Fluoropolymers jacketed cables almost everywhere. For heavy industries, Fluoropolymers insulated cables are strong enough to take the abuse of use. For the smaller applications, Fluoropolymers insulated cables are thin enough to fit in almost every appliance.

The combination of durability and reduced thickness makes Fluoropolymers jacketed custom cables and wires perfect for all work settings. For rugged work environments, Fluoropolymers are suitable for a variety of applications. The efficiency and the results stay unaffected throughout all the industrial and commercial applications.

5.Custom Wire and Cable No Length Limitations

Most of the clients look forward to custom wires and cable manufacturers to resolve their issues regarding the current supply. At CLOOM Tech, we encounter different problems while dealing with clients. We have clients from all fields of life, including medical facilities, automobile industries, heavy-duty manufacturing units, and commercial construction.

Some industries require lengthy wires over hundreds of meters. When we have to deal with such custom requirements, we try to use every suitable option for the development process. The use of normal materials for the lengthy wires doesn’t offer the expected results. The insulation starts falling apart due to extreme conditions. So, Fluoropolymers jackets have enables us to overcome this issue. The Fluoropolymers insulated cables can cover the as long-distance as the project demands. There are no limitations and restrictions regarding the length of the wires.

There are no limitations involved with the use of Fluoropolymers for longer measurements. It means that the customization of the custom wires and cables is way better with the use of Fluoropolymers as insulations.

6.How to Custom Wire and Cable Less Energy Loss

No matter what, no engineering team would agree on using a material that causes energy loss. The receiving end of the cables must get the exact amount of energy as required. Fluoropolymers have a low friction coefficient, and it means that there is less energy loss associated with the insulations. Loss of energy not only affects the project working but also costs more money. Along with custom wire materials, the addition of Fluoropolymers as insulation ensures a seamless experience.

7.Enhanced Flexibility For Mechanical Applications

The active ingredients make Fluoropolymers as perfect insulation for custom wires and cables. There are countless industrial applications where engineers have to use cables in moving parts. Continuous movements and mechanical stress can create problems for typical materials. The consistent cell structure of Fluoropolymers is unique that allows maximum resistance against strain. The insulation made of Fluoropolymers is not only thin but extremely flexible too.

Flexible Three-wire electrical cable
Flexible Three-wire electrical cable

CLOOM Tech manufactures the custom wires and cables with a special production process. We ensure that every safety protocol is intact while manufacturing custom wires and cables. Due to the least impact of the external factors, normal bending is nothing to worry about. All the appliances where bending is a big issue; we highly suggest using Fluoropolymers insulated wires.


Whether you have just started the project or willing to replace the old jacketed wires with new Fluoropolymers wires, CLOOM Tech is here for you. We are the reputed manufacture of custom wires and cables with Fluoropolymers insulation. If you want to scale your business and industrial production, we would love to offer our custom services for your project.

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