7 Industries that Require Custom Cable Manufacturing

We understand the inherent frustration that comes with choosing the right cable assembly, which is why we take out the entire process of choosing your cable assembly. Instead, we create the cable assembly that you want the way you want it.

Our custom cable assemblies have better wiring and insulation than off-the-shelf cable assemblies. You can choose the connector that you want throughout your cables; you can also choose the material of the wiring itself. We test out wires for the best performance that you can buy, ensuring that the custom cable that you are buying is the best around.


Creating good wiring harness and cable services is important to suit various industries’ applications and produce optimum efficiency. Different sectors require specific specification of the wiring harness and cable services.

There are seven common cabling industries. Cloom Tech is a foremost organization amongst others notable for building custom cable services to meet the demands of these seven industries.

These seven industries offer lots of services to the general public and are no doubt very important to society. The seven industries that support custom cable manufacturing are:

massive print head motion during custom

massive print head motion during custom

1.The Telecommunications Industry:

That is an industry that a larger number of the population depends on. The use of laptops, smartphone, and other mobile devices are less functional without mobile data and connection.

How does the connection between smartphones and laptops work? It works with the aid of wireless connections as well as a 5G network. Additionally, when you want to make use of Google with the help of your laptop, you can do so with the Ethernet cable or optic fiber cable.

These networks do not exist without the use of custom cables that aids the transmission of data accurately and quickly.

fiber optic blue lighting vector

fiber optic blue lighting vector

2.The Medical Industry:

That comprises of various hospitals and health care centers. The hospital is an organization that assists in providing healthcare facilities to individuals who are in dire need of it. For this reason, it is always crucial that the healthcare facilities are in proper working condition at all times.

The instruments/facilities that hospitals make use of our best when sterilized. Sterilizing these instruments requires paying attention to temperature and moisture. Temperature and humidity are known to tamper with the strength of electrical wires and conductors.

The use of custom cables makes it easy for medical instruments to withstand exposure to the machines.

electrocardiograph machine with ECG

electrocardiograph machine with ECG

3.The Military and Defense Industry:

The military always needs wiring and cabling. It is an industry that charge with the responsibility of providing security to the general public.

Additionally, the military and defense industry also makes use of communication in the field.

Therefore, there is a great need for wires and cables. To the military, communication conduct on a confidential basis, and inappropriate wiring and cabling mar its purpose.

Having a good custom wire and cable in the military and defense industry is very necessary for achieving mission success.

Military vehicular walkie talkie

Military vehicular walkie talkie

4.Industrial Controls:

The cable and wires that use in industrial controls are huge. A close look at automotive clearly shows that a lot of effort and wires were carefully combined to produce the best results.

Assembling the various parts of a vehicle requires conscious effort and expertise, as well as the combination of the right wires and cables at the right places.

3D rendering of Electric car or vehicle

3D rendering of Electric car or vehicle

5.The Utility Industry:

Many homes and offices depend to a great extent on the use of electricity and other sources of power for effective performance at all times.

The utility industry is responsible for transmitting the source of energy that is required by various homes and offices. In the same vein, the street lights also depend on the utility industry to carry power at the accurate time.

The utility industry makes use of customized cables to enable it to perform its specialized functions.

LED road lighting

LED road lighting

6.The Aerospace:

Along as an airplane is concerned, there is more to it than meets the eye. We often pay attention to its physical outlook without any due consideration to what goes on during its construction.

The wiring of an airplane is a very complex process. The length of the wires may take up considerable space and pose a problem. So, to get the aircraft in a working condition, the cables must be strung together from one end to another.

electric aircraft charger station with plug and power cable supply

electric aircraft charger station with plug and power cable supply

7.Public Safety:

Every society looks out for its citizen and population and as such, want the best. Most, if not all, of the various departments, ministries, and organizations make use of wires and cables. To this end, there is always a need for wiring and cables.

So, to keep the public safe at all times, it is pertinent to settle for custom wires and cables that ensure efficiency.

Therefore, it is evident that there are too many industries that rely on custom cable manufacturing though only seven 7 supports it.

•Enhancing the uniqueness of each industry

Every society looks out for its citizen and population and as such, want the best. Most, if not all, of the various departments, ministries, and organizations make use of wires and cables. To this end, there is always a need for wiring and cables.

We need some tools to aid in enhancing the uniqueness of these industries and building their specifications. Some of these tools include the use of tools to create a cable stop, as well as over-molded connectors to help strain reliefs/ hermetic sealing.

This custom cable manufacturing specially built in a way that accommodates the different industries and helps it deliver an excellent result to the best of its capacity. If there is any suitable means to get these industries to perform well, it is to make use of custom cables to enhance their uniqueness.

Make use of their specification in building their custom cable is essential to get these industries working at all times. The wires and cables that play a role in the custom cable manufacturing of the various sectors possess specific requirements.

A closer look at the various industries, such as the medical and telecommunications industry, reveals the functions and differences between the sectors. While the pharmaceutical industry requires wiring and cabling that helps to create a balance between the temperature of the medical instruments and moisture, the telecommunication industry requires wiring and cabling that aids ease in transmission for smartphones and laptops.

That demonstrates that no industry should be perceived to be superior to the other because they are uniquely different. But, to enhance its uniqueness, it is important to make use of custom cable manufacturing.

cables components making home made switching

cables components making home made switching


There are a host of industries that make use of custom cable manufacturing, but only seven discussed in this article. Since the different industries make use of custom cable services, they differ in specialized facilities and functions. To this end, they possess unique features that separate them from one another.

Whatever the needs of these industries are, they require a good organization to assist in designing and producing their cables.

Cloom Tech specializes in custom cable manufacturing, wire harnesses, and providing cable services. The good news is that if your industry is one of the seven sectors that require custom cable manufacturing, feel free to contact us.

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