7 Difference between Custom Battery Cables and Dealer Cables

Have you experienced that dealer battery cables don’t reach the claimed life expectancy? The car manufacturing companies intentionally use thinner wires and short cables for batteries. The main purpose of the manufacturing company is to achieve weight reduction goals. Hence, car manufacturers have to compromise on the quality of battery cables.

Charging car with electricity through cables
Charging car with electricity through cables

If you want quality assurance and battery cables to withstand any harsh conditions, custom battery cable is best. CLOOM Tech durable custom battery cable for garages and automotive industries that are going to stay intact for a lifetime. When used with custom wiring harnesses, custom battery cables can save your business from unexpected maintenance costs.

1. Custom Battery Cables are More Durable

Quality matters a lot when talking about customer satisfaction and business values. Conventional dealer battery cables have unsustainable durability. So, the automotive dealers and garages have to choose custom battery cable. Custom made battery cables come with high standard materials so you can rely on the quality of the cables.

The life expectancy of our custom made battery cables is way better than the standard dealer cables. Firstly, we don’t compromise on the quality of weight reduction, and secondly, client satisfaction matters to us. When automotive companies and businesses contact us for custom battery cables, we make sure that they find our cable superior to regular cables.

Durable battery cables for the cars
Durable battery cables for the cars

In terms of quality and durability, there is a huge difference between custom made battery cables and regular cables. Various factors can lead you to choose custom made batteries cables. The durability of the custom battery cable is the driving factor in the increasing demand for custom cables.

When there is no compromise on the quality of the custom cables, the better quality is the obvious thing. These cables have better resistance against harsh use in extreme conditions. Your clients can enjoy safe rides once you have installed custom battery cable instead of dealer cables. Auto store regular cables don’t have the material and insulation that you expect. We build better and durable custom battery cables for your business.

2. Custom Cables Meet the Project Specifications

Why rely on store cables when you can have custom made battery cables as per client’s specifications?

Red and black car battery bumper cable
Red and black car battery bumper cable

Store-bought battery cables will not only cost you higher prices, but you will also face disappointment. Battery cables have many applications apart from powering the automobile. Many people like to carry an additional battery cable, in case they have to power another car. For these situations, regular batter cables are useless. These cables don’t have the required length of you end up stuck there even after paying high costs for regular cables.

Once you understand the needs of your local clients, you can beat the major auto dealers. Customers seek perfection, and we deliver perfect custom made battery cables. The limitations of the applications of regular cables have forced many clients to choose custom products. It’s time for your auto company to be the first in town to offer quality custom made battery cables.

3.The Flexibility of the Application of Both Cable Options

Car manufacturing companies are never going to offer more than the necessary length. If you want to offer aftermarket modifications for the cars and trucks, you will have to alter battery cables. Add-ons and aftermarket installations require extended battery cables. Due to the short length of stock battery cables, you have to go for the extra mile. For enhanced flexibility of the application, our custom made battery cables come with more length than the regular cables.

Different applications of the custom battery cables
Different applications of the custom battery cables

The regular deals cables are only useable in the stock settings. A little change and modification make them useless for the vehicle. The regular battery cables are perfect for the ideal conditions. Most of the vehicles have to take a lot of beating, and the high temperature of the engines can affect cable performance. On the other hand, custom battery cables can take most of the beating, and you will face no issue regarding the quality of the cables for a very long time.

4.Project Aesthetics and Brand Identity

Do you want to build a brand that offers custom battery cable installation? Well, using the regular auto store cables is not going to help you with your business goals. For the brand identity of your business, your business must offer some exceptional services that others are afraid of.

CLOOM Tech focuses on project aesthetics to help businesses grow their brand. For business growth, the appearance of your products matters a lot. If you have to deal with the custom needs of customers who like modified stuff, custom made battery cables can help them. Regular battery cables are generally available in black or red color, and that is the too mainstream color selection. If you spice up, using custom colored battery cables and wires can give a good impression.

5.Portability of Both Wires

The regular wires don’t have that kind of quality and length that we can use them for different applications. If you try to open and replace the auto store battery cables a few times, you might end up breaking the cable terminals. Due to the use of low-quality and lightweight material, you cannot use these battery cables except your car. If you need to use the battery cable to start another vehicle, you will not be happy with the length of the cable.

Portable battery cables which are custom made
Portable battery cables which are custom made

If you want a high-quality portable custom made battery cable, you can custom battery cables from CLOOM Tech. We are here to help the business grow with custom products, and we are offering exceptional services in this niche.

The custom battery cable are not only usable in the customer’s car but can help you in mishaps. If something goes wrong with the colleagues’ car battery, custom battery cable can help to charge the battery. The terminals of the custom cables are easily adjustable so you can use these cables with ease.

6.Quality Assurance and Safety

Car battery cables must be of high quality to resist the high temperature of the engine. The terminals must have a protective coating and the use of material that can resist corrosion. Most of the regular dealer battery cables use the lead material at the end that can meltdown due to a rise in temperature. If you are facing this mishap during your trip and you don’t have the custom battery cable, you are stuck there.

CLOOM Tech manufacturing units follow all international quality standards to offer quality products. We use copper ends in custom made battery cables that offer better safety in high temperatures. No matter what kind of car model you have, CLOOM Tech engineers and designers can manufacture the bulk order for all models and brands.

7. Custom Terminal Installation

Corrosion on the ends of the regular battery cables is the biggest issue that we have resolved in custom made battery cable. Either you are running a garage or offering the installation services for battery cables, you need to beat the competition.

Our technicians and quality assurance teams pay special attention to the quality and installation of the ends. Our teams crimp the end tightly as lose connection can disturb the battery performance.


If you want to offer quality battery cable to the local customers or want to build a brand of battery cables, CLOOM Tech can be your manufacturer. We already have success stories in our portfolio, and we would love to offer professional custom cable manufacturing services for your business.

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