7 Benefits of Custom Wiring Harnesses for Heat Dissipation in Industrial Projects

Custom wiring harnesses are essential for every project. When you need to protect electronics against possible threats of short circuits and heat, you can count on custom wiring harnesses. Due to the easy installation of wiring harnesses, you can also reduce the labor costs for the installation.

Custom Wiring Harnesses 1

Colorful wire harnesses with plastic connectors.

CLOOM Tech manufactures lighter-weight wiring harnesses for industrial and commercial projects without sacrificing performance. Here are some benefits of using custom wiring harnesses that can lead to better cable management and performance:

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1.Custom Wiring Harnesses–Better Airflow Within the Chassis

Congested wires and too many cables in the appliance can block the airflow. Without optimized airflow within the chassis, there is a considerable risk of overheating. Although protection of thin strands is the primary focus of using harnesses, heat dissipation can be helpful too. Overheating is one of the significant problems that lead to project failure and other damages to the appliances. In electronics and industrial projects, the temperature can be very high due to the continuous mechanical movements of parts.

Custom Wiring Harnesses 2

Heat dissipation due to airflow

Being able to take control of heating issues does not seem possible without using custom wiring harnesses. Even if there is natural airflow to cool the appliances, many wires may not let the airflow through the chassis. Efficient cooling is critical for the better and prolonged performance of the systems. Custom wiring harnesses and several bound wires in a compact design allow optimized airflow. Using natural airflow not only maintains the low temperature but also does not require any additional installations. Custom wiring harnesses provide enough space for the heat to escape from the system without causing any rise in the temperature.

Even for the fan-cooled units, using custom wiring harnesses is essential as you cannot rely on fans solely. If any of the cooling fans go down, the natural airflow will keep the temperature under control without causing any instant damage.

2. Custom Wiring Harnesses–Control the Temperature of the Appliance

Electronic and mechanical appliances can produce massive heat in the environment, and high temperatures can pose different problems like melting wire insulations and cracks in the power supply cables. Hence, the system must have optimized cable management to not face failure due to the meltdown of wires.

Industrial projects face issues regarding the rise in temperature due to mechanical movements, and it is something that can be threatening to project safety. Different lubricants can help maintain the temperature within the parts, but what about heat within the chassis? The temperature rise in engines and other factors and the chassis and appliances can also be a threat. The use of custom wiring harnesses provides an optimized flow of air throughout the system. The continued airflow keeps pushing the hot air out of the chassis that cause natural heat dissipation. Due to the more relaxed environment around the appliances, heat gets another opportunity to dissipate the heat to the environment.

In heavy industries, heat production can melt the metallic parts, too, in addition to the friction. Custom wiring harnesses provide an optimized cable management design to ensure better airflow without any blockage.

3. Custom Wiring Harnesses–Reduce Heat Production By Customizations

Using too many clips and routers in the wiring setup can take up a lot of space. When it comes to optimized wiring design, the compactness of wires matters a lot. With custom wiring harnesses, the engineers can customize the cable deployment. If some appliance component produces more heat, custom harnesses can compensate for the heat dissipation with more airflow. Engineers have the flexibility of using custom wires according to the needs and features of the components. The precise installation of required wires provides an apparent escape from the heat.

Custom Wiring Harnesses 3

Water supply pipe to the heating system

The vibration is another cause of the tearing of wires. Due to flexible and durable protective materials, there are minimum vibration-related problems involved. You can modify and enhance cable management as per the project specifications without worrying about durability. If cable installation for some specific parts gives more room for air, you can easily remove or install the modified designs to create additional space.

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4. Least maintenance is required.

Maintenance is the part of any project that is almost inevitable. You cannot eliminate the issues but can minimize the chances of the problem occurrence. Power failure is a nightmare for the maintenance team as it can stop the overall working of the project. The sensitivity of the problem requires efficient solutions. Otherwise, a small problem can cause a system failure. So, how can custom wiring harnesses help to minimize maintenance costs?

Unfortunately, most of the maintenance issues occur due to:

  • Cracking of the power cables
  • The meltdown of the insulation due to high temperature
  • Breakage of power cables due to external forces

With custom wiring harnesses, CLOOM Tech offers optimized designs to tackle these three issues. Due to additional protective insulation, the chances of cracking are almost rare. As we use custom materials in the insulation coating, your cables are safe from a meltdown. The other factor, protection against external forces, cannot affect the performance due to durable materials. In short, we have considered every point during the design process that can lead to possible damage. As there are the most negligible chances of any damage to the wires or the project, your system can work smoothly for a long time.

5.Low Energy Consumption And Better Efficiency

The internal cooling systems of the appliances also use fuel or other resources for power. As the temperature rises within the devices, fans and cooling pads start working to control the temperature. This additional load on the appliance requires extra fuel and power supply. So, a significant portion of your power source of energy goes to the cooling fans. This phenomenon is more practical in the automotive where high temperatures can be a disaster. Custom wiring harnesses are essential for automotive and AI-powered automobiles, where weight reduction and better fuel efficiency are crucial. By reducing the power consumption by the cooling systems, custom wiring harnesses offer better fuel consumption.

Fuel efficiency in automobiles

Fuel efficiency in automobiles

6.Optimize Natural Heat Dissipation Pathways

Natural air is the best coolant for electronics, and that’s why we focus on optimizing our custom wiring harness designs. There are many appliances where extra cooling fans cannot operate due to the limited space of design requirements. Hence, engineers try to maximize the airflow through the device in every possible manner. When hot air has enough space to escape from the system, you don’t need to spend additional cooling instruments.

Cables and wires may look thin, but hundreds of wires in a system can take considerable space. So many wires in the system restrict the air movement. With the hot air bound inside, the temperature starts rising even at higher rates. So, custom wiring harnesses to ensure the flow of fresh air and reduce the heat due to the blockage of hot air.

7.Protect Cables Against Short Circuits Due to Overheating

There are many problems related to electronic projects that may cause a system failure. Short circuit due to overheating is the most common but highly preventable issue. The electric wires can be very receptive to current, and a remote connection of bare wires with other wires can interrupt the current flow. Most of the time, insulation meltdown can cause short circuits in residential and commercial work settings.

Microchip after short circuit

Microchip after short circuit

The temperature resistance of typical wires cannot protect the appliance against high temperatures. So, the custom wiring harnesses enhance the temperature resistance and offer better control to maintain the temperature at a desirable value. The short circuits due to overheating are lethal for the appliances and the projects, and human health. Any kind of electric shock or fire contact can be harmful to your teams and the technicians.


If you want to protect your project from any lethal damage, then you need to consider custom wiring harnesses. These custom products by CLOOM Tech are not only more efficient but also cost-effective. CLOOM Tech has state-of-the-art manufacturing units and R&D labs to deliver project-oriented solutions. Our custom wiring harnesses manufacturing services cover every sector of life, including automobile, military installations, aerospace industry, commercial installations, and industrial projects. We can meet any custom order requirements. Unleash the power of custom products for your projects now.

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Enjoy a free sample worth UP TO $100!
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