6 Practical Tips for Optimization of Custom Computer Cables

We understand the inherent frustration that comes with choosing the right cable assembly, which is why we take out the entire process of choosing your cable assembly. Instead, we create the cable assembly that you want the way you want it.

Our custom cable assemblies have better wiring and insulation than off-the-shelf cable assemblies. You can choose the connector that you want throughout your cables; you can also choose the material of the wiring itself. We test out wires for the best performance that you can buy, ensuring that the custom cable that you are buying is the best around.


When you need to follow the business theme for wire management in your project and office, managing computer cables can be a hectic task. Cost reduction is the goal of every business, and custom computer cables can help you to keep the costs under budget.

CLOOM Tech dedicated teams of engineers for the manufacturing of custom computer cables for businesses and teams. From choosing the right custom computer cable manufacturer to optimizing the Custom PC cables as per your environment, here are some important points that you need to consider.

When you need to follow the business theme for wire management in your project and office, managing computer cables can be a hectic task.
Alt-text: Different computer cables

1.Cable Management in Computers Needs Custom Cables

Are you setting up a new office or want to revise the office aesthetics? Having custom PC cables can give you the flexibility to manage cables as per your project specifications. Computer cable management is an important part of an efficient working environment. When it comes to increasing productivity at work, there are many things that you have to consider:

  • Workplace aesthetics
  • Clean environment
  • Managed desks with no mess of wires
  • Organized wires and computer cables for easy maintenance

Standard computer cables may not be suitable options for optimization as you don’t get to choose the cables as per your project requirements. You don’t have length options, and you don’t get to organize the cables as per your needs.

With custom wiring harnesses and custom computer cable manufacturing, you have full control over the management of cables in your project or office.

Different organized cables for PC
Alt-text: Different organized cables for PC

2.Tools for Management of Computer Cables

If you think that you can manage standard computer cables on a large scale, do you have needed tools for the management of wires? You will have to spend enough amounts of time and money on managing hundreds of wires in the workplace or project.

You can use a humble zip tie to manage many wires in a small space. You can tie several wires at a single point with the zip tie. However, this option may not be appropriate if the cable is far away. If you think that you have tools for computer cable management, you need a lot of extra space too. Here are some tools that you need to optimize the computer cables at the workplace or project:

  • Zip ties- You must know that zip ties are permanent and you will have to cut the tie to add or remove any cable from the zip
  • Velcro straps- These are heavier than zip ties
  • Twist ties- This option for PC cable management is relatively cheaper, but it can look messy

So, along with these tools to tie the cables, you need several other tools to cut and resize the cable. Here is an amazing solution for you.

a heap of black cable ties for PC cables
Alt-text: a heap of black cable ties for PC cables

3.Optimized Cooling Systems With Custom Computer Cables

Computers and other devices can create a lot of heat in the hardware. In a complex work environment, cooling systems are essential, and standard computer cables and PC cables can block the airflow in the system. With a lot of computer cables, computers and appliances will start heating, and there are chances of a short circuit due to melting down.

CLOOM Tech custom cable manufacturing team will analyze your project to craft customized cable assemblies. These cable assemblies and wiring harnesses incorporate several PC cables in small space. We design cable assemblies in such a way that cables don’t block the airflow to hardware.

With smart cable assemblies and wiring harnesses, you can manage several wires and computer cables in a working environment in the least possible space.

Computer circuit board and CPU cooling fans
Alt-text: Computer circuit board and CPU cooling fans

4.Computer Cables as Per Brand Identity

If you are running a computer business where you want to offer custom computers to industry and businesses, your clients will request logos in wires. If you want to offer custom services for international and national brands, we can print custom logos on computer cables. Brand identity has a great impact on the marketing of any brand, and that’s why more and more brands are turning towards custom PC cables.
5.Custom PC cables for a professional look

Do you have a custom color scheme for your brand? If you don’t want plain black cables everywhere in your office or workplace, you have one more good reason to choose custom computer cables. You have the flexibility of choosing color as per your project specifications.

The custom color schemes for PC cables can also make the maintenance process easier. Due to the distinguished colors of the computer cables, engineers won’t have to spend hours on diagnosing the problems in the wiring.

Different colors for custom PC cables
Alt-text: Different colors for custom PC cables

The professional appearance of computer cables is not just about color schemes. The use of cable assemblies for the connections between computers also makes the management easier and efficient. If you are going to present your project to any other party, you need to work on appearance. The appearance of the project or computer setups can help to present your company as a professional brand. Well-organized cables can give a new life to your project. The use of custom cables is not limited to computers only. You can acquire custom cable assemblies, and custom wiring harnesses for almost every field of life, including:

  • Heavy machinery industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial projects
  • Businesses and offices
  • Commercial buildings
  • Military operations
  • Complex appliances

Organized internal view of computer
Alt-text: Organized internal view of computer

6.Custom Cable Options for PCs

If you want to buy custom computer cables or custom PC cables for your project, you have some options to choose from.

Cable extensions

You can add some extra lengths of computer cables to your existing cables in the form of cable extensions. These cable extensions can help you to increase the length of the PC cable to a specific level. If you need to add some extra length to some of your compute cables, you can choose this option.

Using cable extension is an inexpensive option. You can buy these cable extensions easily, but it can make your project complicated, and you will have to manage a lot of extra cables.

Custom cable for PC

Here comes the best option for PC cables. If you want precise measurements as per the dimensions of your appliances and projects, you can choose custom computer cables. CLOOM Tech can create custom computer cables that go straight from the system to the components. You don’t need to spend any extra amount of energy on the management of the custom computer cables.

Custom computer cable sleevin

If you think that custom computer cables are expensive, then you need to try cost-effective custom cable assemblies by CLOOM Tech. You can use cable sleeving for computer cables.

a set of a cable kit for system/computer builder
Alt-text: a set of a cable kit for system/computer builder

Custom Cable Manufacturing by CLOOM Tech

CLOOM Tech is the top custom cable manufacturer in China with the successful portfolio in the cable assembly manufacturing. We offer a wide range of custom cable manufacturing services to local and international businesses and teams.

Our main custom cable manufacturing services include:

  • Custom PC cables
  • Custom VGA cables
  • Custom ribbon cable assembly
  • Custom power cables
  • Custom wiring harnesses and many more custom products


Computer cable optimization is an important factor in the efficient working of the projects. Managing the computer wires in an organized way not only presents your business as a brand but also helps to improve productivity at the workplace. Either you want custom power cables or custom PC cables, the CLOOM Tech team can help you to scale your business.

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