6 Custom Cable Assembly Testing Procedures

We understand the inherent frustration that comes with choosing the right cable assembly, which is why we take out the entire process of choosing your cable assembly. Instead, we create the cable assembly that you want the way you want it.

Our custom cable assemblies have better wiring and insulation than off-the-shelf cable assemblies. You can choose the connector that you want throughout your cables; you can also choose the material of the wiring itself. We test out wires for the best performance that you can buy, ensuring that the custom cable that you are buying is the best around.


Cable Assembly Testing Procedures is not a one size fits all approach. There are levels of testing that a product undergoes after it manufactured. Quite a large number of teams and companies encounter problems with cable assemblies, and this affects their project.

The cable assembly testing procedures is a necessary prerequisite before the product reaches the final consumer that requires its use. It is essential because of asides from the physical outlook of the product. The product must meet the electrical standpoint of the industry that needs it.

Are you curious to find out the various testing procedures? This article has it all and provides insightful information as well. The six cable assembly testing procedures are essential to produce the right results for your industry.

Technician assembling and testing motor

Technician assembling and testing motor

1.Cable Assembly Electrical Testing Procedures

That is the first testing procedure for all wiring harness and cable services. It includes making sure that the cable wiring connection is in its perfect condition.

For the cable assembly, electrical testing procedures, two different mating connectors connected. In turn, the connector fixed to a fixture.

The purpose of the fixture is to check for opens in the cable assembly or the conductors that used.

More so, it is the cable assembly electrical testing procedures that make certain that the pin placement of the conductors is in its appropriate position.

This testing procedure is perceived to be the phase of the testing procedure ensures that the cable application/assembly is in the replica of the installation.

No doubts, the wiring harnesses and, cables are a combination of various wires and wiring systems that are carefully combined to get the wiring harness/cable working correctly.

The importance of the wiring system helps to make certain that the cable produces the required output and is functional. But, when the wires are not in a suitable manner or when it did not arrange properly, the motive for the wiring harness/cable will not be met.

For this singular reason, the cable assembly testing procedure is essential to ensure that the cable meets the required specification and is working properly to produce efficient results.

bare stranded wire

bare stranded wire

2.Cable Assembly Visual Testing

Unlike the cable assembly testing procedures that involve checking the wiring connection of the cable assembly, the visual examination consists ins making use of sense organ (eyes) to check the cable assembly and be sure that it is without any fault or flaw.

In this testing procedure, the wiring harness/cable assessed for deformation or any physical fault that is not in line with the required specification.

Also, the cable assembly visual testing involves assessing the various connectors and sockets used in building the wiring harness/cable. The optical testing procedure of the cable assembly is not limited to only evaluate the connectors and devices used for the cable.

It also involves making sure the materials of the cable are of an appropriate quality and that the design of the cable assembly is in place.

It is not enough to build a cable assembly. Certain factors must be put into consideration to ensure that the right thing done for the organization that has requested such services.

Hence, it is always necessary to make use of the visual testing procedures of the cable assembly. Why? That is because the engineer building the cable assembly may have forgotten to put things in its right place during construction.

It is at the visual testing procedures that all mistakes and faults discovered and all loose ends secured.

Electrician cutting wire

Electrician cutting wire

3.Cable Assembly Environmental Testing Procedure

That is a sacrosanct testing procedure. Various industries require cable assembly for the purposes that suit them the most. The cable assembly environmental testing procedure ensures that the cable assembly can perform in multiples ecological conditions.

When building cable assembly for industries, they must consider the purpose and functions of the industry as well as the environment in use.

There are various environmental elements that the cable assembly tested on. They include:

High/low temperature: This testing procedure checks for the impact of heat on the cable assembly.

Also, it assesses the cable assembly connectors and cables using a certain temperature.

Thermal cycling: In this procedure, the cable assembly is subjected to different temperatures to ascertain if fluctuation in the heat of the cable assembly affects the different connectors and cables.

Furthermore, it also ascertains how it affects this connector and the cable assembly at large.

Salt spray: The cable assembly at this stage is measured to see its reaction to salt spray/ fog. Asides from observing its reaction to salt spray, it also measures the cable assembly materials’ ability to withstand corrosion.

Humidity: The cable assembly is assessed on various levels of moisture to ascertain its termination points, cables and connectors will react on a high level of humidity.

Vibration: At this level, the cable assembly made to undergo a series of vibration to ascertain the impact and effect of its connector and its termination points.

Industrial corrosion: The cable assembly tested to ascertain its service life. It subjected to various climate conditions.

electrician builder engineer screwing

electrician builder engineer screwing

4.Cable Assembly Mechanical Testing

No doubts, it is essential to check the connectors used in building cable assemblies. The cable assembly mechanical testing procedure is necessary for checking the connectors of the cable assembly as well as how durable the cable assembly is.

In cable assembly mechanical testing procedures, the only way to ascertain how durable the cable assembly is when you subject it to a couple of flexing cycles. The testing of the flexing cycles
In the case of carrying out the mechanical testing procedures, the connectors are reconnected and disconnected to ascertain its level of force that is essential to either connect or disconnect the cable assembly.

Asides from the various cable assembly testing procedures, it is right to make sure that the cable assembly will last for a reasonable period. More so, it is very important to properly check the connectors and be certain that it is in an appropriate working condition.

electrical box contains many terminals relays

electrical box contains many terminals relays

5.Cable Assembly Integrity Testing

The integrity test is carried out on cable assemblies to check domain measurements and avoid other signal losses that may occur. The various aspects of cable assembly testing procedures are:

Data eye diagram analysis: This is a type of cable assembly integrity test suitable for high-speed signals. It makes use of bit error testing to check for the electrical quality of the various parameters of the cable assembly.

Time-domain measurements: In this integrity testing procedure, the cable assembly checked for inter pair skew and any other differential impedance.

Frequency-domain measurements: The frequency-domain measurements test the cable assembly for any crosstalk.

Loss of insertion: The cable assembly will test for any loss in the strength of its signal. That is, if there is any inclusion of components in its circuits.

The examples of some of the connectors which can include in the cable assembly include connectors and filters.

industrial power case

industrial power case

6.Other Areas of Cable Assembly Testing

The various testing procedures of cable assembly are not only limited to electrical testing procedures, visual testing procedures, integrity testing procedures, and mechanical testing procedures.

Other aspects of the cable assembly need to test. Testing the cable assembly helps to prevent unpleasant future occurrences and mishaps. That presupposes that the cable assemblies may require so much more.

The industry requirements must be put into consideration when conducting any test on the cable assembly. Also, there need to be insulation resistance tests, safety certifications, and Hi-Pot testing.

When only of these is in place, the cable assembly can then affirmed to meet all the required specifications and satisfaction of the industry.

All other areas of the cable assembly must adequately test to ascertain that it produces the required specifications of the industry if the required industry must use cable assembly to perform its specific functions and achieve productivity.

service cable diagnostics car photo isolated

service cable diagnostics car photo isolated

7.Custom Cable Assembly — Cloom Tech is Your Haven

It is unarguably true that cable assemblies require a lot of effort to get them to perform well. These efforts require ensuring that specific testing procedures carried out on the cable assembly.

Cloom Tech takes into consideration the various parameters that ensure a good cable assembly for your industry. We are aware that every industry possesses unique features, and the only way to get them to become productive is when they make use of the right type of materials for cable assemblies.

At Cloom Tech, we ensure that the various testing procedures are carried out on your industry’s cable assembly before we deliver it to you.

Over the years, we have built an excellent image for our organization because of our desire to do the right appropriate fashion.

You only assured of getting the best when you go to the best. Suffice to say, if you desire cable assemblies that fit or exceed or specifications, your go-to is Cloom tech!

After manufacturing your cable assemblies, we ensure that the cable assemblies are tested in various capacities to produce your desired output.


Testing procedures of cable assembly are essential to producing the right cable assemblies for the various industries. The only way to get the correct cable assembly for your enterprise is to favor good tech organizations that take into cognizance the importance of doing things in the right direction.

Doing things the right way presupposes testing cable assemblies accurately before your industry makes use of it. While the advantages of it are numerous, it also ensures that your production and valuable resources kept away from harm’s way.

Suffice to say, and your industry is free from environmental hazards when the cable assemblies undergo the six cable assembly testing procedures before its use in your industry.

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