Computer Monitor Cables-5 Popular Customized Computer monitor Cables

There are several types of monitor cables that are suitable for different screens and monitors. If you are looking for custom monitor cables for your project or manufacturing unit, CLOOM Tech is an internationally recognized custom cable manufacturer in China.

Every custom product from CLOOM Tech meets the specifications and requirements of the projects. We have one of the largest custom monitor cables manufacturer in China. From the local Chinese market to foreign heavy industries, we offer custom display cables for all sorts of businesses.

We have served several heavy industries and businesses with custom cable solutions. Here are some most customized common monitor cables that are generally available in the display cable market.

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Computer Monitor Cables

1.Computer monitor Cables-Custom VGA Cables

These are the oldest types of monitor cables available in the market. All the display devices a few years back featured VGA cables as main monitor cables. In CRT monitors and some initial models of the LCDs, all the display devices support the use of VGA cables as monitor cables.

VGA cables are generally thick and take a lot of space due to the use of many pins in the display port. If you have custom specifications for VGA cables, CLOOM Tech engineers and designers can manufacture monitor cables as per your device requirements. The original purpose of VGA cables was to serve as monitor cables for low-resolution devices. With the advancement of the VGA cables, these cables are now supporting high-resolution devices too.

VGA cables plugged in the monitor

Computer Monitor Cables-VGA cables plugged in the monitor

Applications of VGA cables

Most of the old LCDs and monitors support the VGA cables. In the old days, monitors and early LCDs were in use, and VGA cables were the best option for these display devices. VGA cables are suitable for:

• Old monitors

• LCDs and TFTs

• Display screens for surveillance systems

• Connectivity between different display devices in a project

Benefits of using VGA cables

• VGA cables offer better video quality than USB cables and other advance monitor cables

• VGA cables are easily available

• Most of the devices support VGA cables

• These are the most common monitor cables available in the market

• The video quality in VGA cables is impressive

• These VGA cables are affordable

2.Computer monitor Cables-Custom HDMI Cables

If we consider the most common monitor cables, HDMI has a prominent position on the list. From standard display devices to home theater screens, the HDMI cable is the best option for all. Even in advanced tools, HDMI port is available due to the use of HDMI cables as best monitor cables.

The video transmission quality of HDMI is better than many other cables, and the port also occupies less space in the hardware. If you are not using an old fat monitor, you can go for HDMI cables. In 2020, every new device has the HDMI port. In most of the laptops, HDMI cables have replaced typical VGA cables. These HDMI cables are sleek in design and occupy less space as compared to VGA monitor cables.

HDMI connector

HDMI connector

The use of HDMI cables allows the user to turn any normal LCD into a computer compatible display device. Any television LCD that is compatible with HDMI cable can serve the purpose of display devices for computers and surveillance cameras.

Applications of HDMI cables

HDMI cables are easily supportable in the modern display devices, and you can use HDMI cables in:

• HD TVs

• HD projectors

• Blue-ray players

• Advance LCDs and monitors

• Cable boxes

• Audio equipment and mixers

Benefits of HDMI cables

• HDMI cables offer high video resolution

• There is no visual noise in HDMI transmission

• The HDMI cables are sleek and smart in design

• Most of the display devices support HDMI cables

• HDMI cables are easily available in the market

3.Computer monitor Cables-Custom USB Cables

The monitor cables manufacturing company has evolved to whole new levels. Common monitor cables are now have become the story of the past in newer devices. As the machines are becoming slimmer and sleeker, the demand for smart monitor cables is also increasing. USB cables are a good alternative to typical HDMI cables and VGA cables. USB ports take less space and can fit in little space.

USB cables are very affordable monitor cables, and almost all the devices support USB cables as display devices. When it comes to the resolution of the screen, USB cables don’t offer the best decisions and video quality. If video quality is your major concern, USB cable as a monitor cable may not be the best choice for your device.

USB Micro cable

USB Micro cable

If you need to connect other screens and monitors to the system or video player, USB cables offer faster connections. When choosing the different monitor cables for your screens, there are many factors involved. The choice can vary for different monitor cables depending upon the price, port type, screen type, video quality, and interface of the screen.

Applications of USB cables

The USB cable is also a famous option for the connectivity of display devices. USB display cables are useful for the application in devices like:

• Newer LCDs

• Smart monitors

• Projectors

• Displays screens

• Smartphones and smart TVs

Benefits of USB cables

• USB cables are easy to connect

• USB cables are on the go display cables

• The USB cables are easily available for most of the display devices

• USB cables are cheaper than other monitor cables

4.Computer monitor Cables-Custom DVI Cables

Although VGA cables are great to monitor cables for high-resolution devices yet there is some visual noise of VGA cables in some devices. As per the design, DVI cables look like VGA cables, but their working and performance is better than VGA cables. Many devices of the old times use DVI cables as monitor cables, and these cables don’t produce unwanted visual noise.

VGA and DVI cables

VGA and DVI cables

DVI cables have more pins than the typical VGA cables. Most of the DVI cables come with 24 pins to support video signals and analog data. Even many newer models of the monitors and LCDs have the ports to support the DVI cables. If you want to see which monitor cables are suitable for your screen, you can count the pins. The number of pins in the port can give you an idea about the suitable monitor cable.

Applications of DVI cables

• DVI cables support the same devices as the VGA cables. DVI cables are suitable for:

• Digital LCD monitors

• CRT monitors

• Analog display devices

• Common monitors and LCDs

Benefits of DVI cables

• DVI cables are cheaper than HDMI cables

• There is no visual noise in DVI cables

• DVI cables offer better resolution and video quality

5.Computer monitor Cables-Custom Displayport cables

If you are an Apple device user, you will have to look for Displayport cables for the connection of display devices. These monitor cables offer the same video quality as HDMI or DVI cables for Mac devices. Other display screens from several displays manufacture to support the use of Displayport cables for the connection.

closeup of display port cable

closeup of display port cable

If you have different monitor cables and the device supports the Displayport cables, you can buy different adapters and converters. These converters can convert any other monitor cable into Displayport cable with the help of a converter.

Applications of DisplayPort cables

Displayport cables are generally famous for Apple devices. There are several other display devices too that use the Displayport cables as monitor cables. Here are some famous tools that use Displayport cables for connectivity:

• Apple display screens

• Mac devices

• Latest monitors that support Displayport cables

• Projectors and devices by Apple

Benefits of Displayport cables

• The video quality is impressive

• There is no visual noise in Displayport cables

• Displayport cables are convertible to other monitor cables

What is the best Computer Monitor Cables for your project?

There are different types of monitor cables available for different types of display devices. The choice of monitor cable depends upon many factors like the type of the screen, port type, and interface of the port. Monitor cables can fit into different projects as per their features and applications. Each monitor cable has its perks. If some monitor cable is suitable for one device, it does not mean that it is going to be perfect for the other devices too.

While choosing the custom monitor cables, make sure that your custom cable manufacturer experienced in the field. CLOOM Tech provides the best custom monitor cables for heavy industries and projects.


CLOOM Tech has a successful portfolio for the manufacturing of custom monitor cables in China. If you want smart and affordable custom cable manufacturing services in China or for the international market, CLOOM Tech can create state of the art wiring harnesses and cable assemblies.

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