5 Points to Know Custom SATA Cables and IDE Cables

We understand the inherent frustration that comes with choosing the right cable assembly, which is why we take out the entire process of choosing your cable assembly. Instead, we create the cable assembly that you want the way you want it.

Our custom cable assemblies have better wiring and insulation than off-the-shelf cable assemblies. You can choose the connector that you want throughout your cables; you can also choose the material of the wiring itself. We test out wires for the best performance that you can buy, ensuring that the custom cable that you are buying is the best around.


From the industry sector to multinational businesses, storage devices are the need of every company. For storage devices, either you can go for the SATA interface or IDE interface. Custom SATA cables vs. custom SATA cables are the part of almost every business where mass storage devices are essential.

If you have an IDE interface for storage devices in your office or project, custom cables by CLOOM Tech can boost data management. If your project has decided to invest in custom cables, our custom cable manufacturing services can boost productivity.

Here is everything that you need to know about custom SATA cables and custom IDE cables.

Motherboard SATA Socket

Motherboard SATA Socket

1.How to Pick between SATA Cables and IDE Cables?

Here are some facts about the SATA and IDE cables that you need to know:

Increased Data Transfer Rate Generates Faster Results

The data transfer rate is the first factor that can force you to get custom SATA data cables for your project. For IDE cables, they can transfer the data at a rate of 133 Mbps. The data transfer rate for SATA is almost 600 Mbps.

Custom Design SATA Cables

Custom Design SATA Cables

If you are tired of slow data transfer rates in your business, you can get custom IDE to SATA cables for an increased data transfer rate. It is an important thing to notice that the least data transfer rate of SATA is still greater than the maximum data transfer rate of IDE.

Easy Cable Management and Cable Length for Project Efficiency

If you solely depend upon the standard IDE cables and SATA cables, you will be disappointed soon. Here is the reason for your disappointment. The standard SATA cables come with 1-meter length, and IDE cables come with a standard length of 18 inches.

For the use in industries and business, you need custom lengths of both IDE and SATA cables. When you need to connect different devices in any industry project or your office, you have to buy custom IDE and custom SATA cables for the project. With smart ribbon cables, managing and installing SATA cables is relatively easier than the IDE cables. CLOOM Tech uses advance materials in the manufacturing of custom SATA cables, so the data transfer rates remain the same throughout the project.

Increased Airflow Matters to Avoid Overheating Problems

Due to the use of ribbon cables in the manufacturing of custom SATA data cables, these cables don’t take a lot of space in your project. The smaller size of custom SATA cables ensures the efficient flow of air in the system to control the overheating issues. With better airflow, the speed of the data transfer rate remains even in high processing tasks. Once you have resolved the overheating problem with custom SATA cables, you will get a better life of the systems and components in the project.

IDE Connectors Ribbon Cables

IDE Connectors Ribbon Cables

SATA Support More Devices

Due to the use of newer technologies, advance devices and storage systems support SATA cables. The SATA interface is a better option if you are upgrading your business or the project interface. If you are getting new storage devices for your project, you can use the amazing features of SATA devices for your project. If we check the common computers, you will find six ports for the SATA cable connection, and there will be only two ports for the connection of IDE cables.

Cable Management is Efficient in SATA Cables

Custom solutions by CLOOM Tech offer more flexibility and functionality for cable management. The ribbon SATA cables by CLOOM Tech are easy to manage and install within the system or for the connection of external devices. With custom SATA data cables, teams can manage more cables and cords in less space.

2.Advantages and Disadvantages of SATA Cables

Having custom SATA cables can offer you faster data rates and other advantages that can improve the productivity of your project or the business. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to having custom SATA cables for your project:

• Faster data rates

• Better management of the cables

• Easy airflow within the system

• Control the overheating issues

• Disadvantages of SATA Cables

• The SATA cables can cost more

• SATA drivers can be expensive

Custom SATA Cable

Alt: Custom SATA Cable

3.Advantages and Disadvantages of IDE Cables

IDE data cables are also a good option for the connection between different storage devices within the system or any project. Here are some major advantages and disadvantages of having IDE cables for your project:

• Supports many older devices too

• Connects both older and newer versions of storage devices

• Support the data transfer at cheaper costs

• The drivers are less expensive in case of IDE interface


• The data transfer is lower than the SATA cables

• IDE cables can take up more space

• Newer devices may not support IDE interface

Custom IDE Cable

Alt: Custom IDE Cable

4.Why do You Need Custom IDE Cables for the Business?

IDE is a standard interface for connection between different storage components within the computer. In computers, all the storage devices are on the same motherboard, and you don’t have to worry about the length of IDE cables. In industry projects or business infrastructure, the storage devices can be at different locations when the location of the storage devices changes, standard IDE cables becomes useless there.

After empowering hundreds of companies with our custom SATA data cables and custom IDE cables, we are here to offer our services for your project. For connecting different storage devices and optical devices, CLOOM Tech can manufacture custom SATA data cables.

Custom IDE Cables for Business and Project Offer Flexibility

Standard IDE cables don’t offer the flexibility to enhance the length of the cables as per the project specifications. In different industries like automobile and heavy-duty machinery production units, custom computers serve the purpose of processing. Due to custom devices, you have to look for custom IDE cables for the connection of different storage devices with the processing unit.

IDE Disk Cables

IDE Disk Cables

CLOOM Tech is offering custom IDE data cables for almost every sector of life and the businesses looking for bulk manufacturing. We have several top businesses, and companies are our retiring clients for the custom IDE data cables.

Specifications of IDE Cables that You Cannot Miss

IDE cables and IDE interfaces have been in demand for a long time. Several projects still prefer using custom IDE cables as their hardware supports the IDE cables. If you want to upgrade your project storage setup, you can get custom IDE to SATA cables from CLOOM Tech. Due to the use of newer and latest technologies, SATA cables are better than IDE cables. The connection of standard PATA cable is not as easy as you are thinking. For the ease of teams, we have created custom IDE cables that are easy to fix and install in the hardware.

Types of IDE Cables

There are two common types of IDE cables. If you want unique custom IDE data cables to ensure the easy management of the cords within your system, CLOOM Tech can offer custom IDE cables as per your requirements. The general two types of IDE cables are:

• 34-pin IDE ribbon cable

• 40-pin IDE ribbon cable

The ribbon IDE cables are the best option for the projects where you need to accomplish more installation in small spaces. IDE ribbon cables not only occupy less space but using custom cables gives a unique outlook to your project.

5.Custom SATA Cables for Projects and Industries

For faster data transfer in hard drives and optical drives, SATA cables are the best option. SATA data cables offer faster data transfer and easy installation of the hardware. From different devices to the processing units, SATA cables are responsible for faster data transfer in industry setups and processing units.

More About SATA Connectors

Instead of 34 or 40 pins, SATA data cables use 7-pin connectors. As compared to IDE cables, SATA cables are easy to install, and SATA ports take less space. If you want to upgrade the IDE interface to the SATA interface, we can manufacture IDE to SATA cables as per custom requirements.

SATA Data Cable

SATA Data Cable

SATA data cables are not only useable for the connection between the internal hard drive, but you can connect the external HDD too. Custom IDE to SATA cables can connect the extended storage device to any system.


For the remodeling of your project or business, CLOOM Tech can offer custom SATA or custom IDE cables. Our custom SATA cables can offer the desired data transfer rates that can boost the effectiveness of your business. The unique and customized IDE to SATA cables can also reduce the remodeling costs for your project.

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