5 Points To Consider When Choose Custom Wire Harness Components

Do you want to convey an important message to your custom wire harness manufacturers? Perhaps, you want to give them the details of what is essential to the success of your custom wire harness? It is always a tough decision, especially because various points must consider when choosing wire harness components.

The success of your design depends, to a large extent, on the manufacturer you rely on to produce results. Thus, it is essential to get in contact with an experienced manufacturer such as Cloom Tech to provide the right components for your wire harness.

Pay close attention to the details of this article.

wiring harnesses through the connectors are connected

wiring harnesses through the connectors are connected

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1.The location of the Wire Harness (Answer Necessary Questions)

Various points are necessary for choosing a custom wire harness. But, the first and foremost point is deciding on the location of the wire harness.

No knowledgeable organization carries out an important activity, such as choosing custom wire harness components without asking essential questions for good results.

One of such questions includes “the location of the wire harness.” It is no doubt essential that you understand the location of your custom wire harness components, and the choice you make in this regard determines the purpose of the wire harness.

Some of the questions you MUST answer are:

  • Do I want this product to keep indoors or outdoors?
  • Where will the wires and cables be housed?
  • What are the temperatures that suit this product the most? Will the heat be hot, cold, or a fusion of both?
  • How will the wiring systems be? Do I need to make use of a coil cord to stretch the product?
  • How close can other substances such as chemicals or water be to this product? Any harm?

These questions are essential for developing the correct type of product that applies to your needs perfectly. You and your organization need to provide adequate answers to the questions above before giving your product specification to a tech organization.

Every industry possesses exceptional standards that set it apart from the rest. For this reason, some guidelines are required for custom wire harnesses as uniquely suitable for each sector, especially for wiring purposes.

With all these questions in place, you will agree that it is vital to work with a manufacturer or tech organization like Cloom Tech that understands the importance of location when choosing custom wire harness components.

manufacturing wiring harnesses in the automotive industry

manufacturing wiring harnesses in the automotive industry

2.Wire Harness Components–Indoor or Outdoor Wire Harness: Any Difference?

Now, you may begin to wonder if there is any difference between the indoor and outdoor wire harness, right? It is perfectly understandable if you start to doubt the need to spell out the differences between the indoor and outdoor wire harness.

Some factors need to be in consideration when choosing components for your custom wire harness. One of these is the type of wire to be used, which implies a significant difference in the kind of wire used for indoor and outdoor wire harnesses.

For the outdoor wire harness, the suitable type of wires to make use of includes a thick set of cables and even a cable assembly. Cable assemblies are known to be durable, which makes them able to last for an extended period.

Also, the wires can withstand wear and tear, making them even more cost-effective for you. Another importance of the thick cables is that for outdoor purposes, the wires can cover long distances. Insulation materials for these wires are thermoplastic rubber, vinyl, or shrink-wrapped thermoplastic.

The indoor use of wire harness requires that a wire harness be used in place of a cable assembly. But, this is applicable when you are sure that the product will not expose to any unpleasant condition.
Another advantage of using a wire harness for indoor purposes is that it is cost-effective and allows electricity to be transported over distances without incurring so much cost on resources. It is easier to do this because of the size and capacity of the wire harness.

But, one thing is common for indoors or outdoors purposes; that is, how to house the product.

production room stand to manufacturing electric wiring

production room stand to manufacture electric wiring

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3.Wire Harness Components–Materials of the Wire Harness That are Heat Rsistance

As a point for choosing custom wire harness components, you need to decide the type of material to use.

Not all materials for the wire harness can withstand heat, and you must possess adequate knowledge about the stuff you want to use for your wire harness.

Various temperatures require different materials to enable it to perform at its optimum level. If you are unsure about the correct type of material to use for your custom wire harness, you should discuss it with your manufacturer or the tech organization you hope to contact.

The material you choose for your custom wire harness component plays a vital role in ensuring that you experience the best from the use of the product. Therefore, this point must not undermine or be regarded to be irrelevant.

As you know, the materials used for hot and cold weather conditions are different. For cold climatic conditions, it is essential to use coatings that are not prone to rigidity. The products will be able to adjust themselves to the temperature and not produce unsuitable results.

Hot conditions are climatic conditions that require the use of materials that can withstand heat perfectly well. But, when the temperatures are scorching, then this requires that you pay more attention to the material.

So, to play safe, you should contact your manufacturer or the tech organization to help you choose the suitable material for your product.

You also need to bear in mind that some materials are suitable for extreme climatic conditions, and these materials are wraps, jackets, and conductor insulations.

wire harness connector

wire harness connector

4.Wire Harness Components–Various Types of Conductors

It would help if you indeed had the means to channel your current, where the conductor becomes very important. Conductors play a vital role in the wire harness, and it is the presence of the conductor that determines how signals are transmitted.

So, when choosing conductors as a component of your custom wire harness, you must ensure that you pay close attention to conductor types that can withstand corroding and overheating and still function perfectly well.

There are certain factors you need to consider when making decisions about the type of conductor you favor. They are:

Voltage/ bandwidth:

In choosing a conductor, settle for one that can function well without becoming overheated or succumbing to pressures from heat.

Materials of the conductor:

Conductors use various materials. But, the most common material used for conductors is copper, and copper is the most used because of its high conductivity.

Irrespective of the advantage of the copper material, it is noteworthy to mention that the copper is prone to corrosion. To make sure that you do not make the wrong choice, speak with your manufacturer to put you on the right track towards making the right choice.

5.Wire Harness Components–Other Elements that Need Consideration

The other elements that need to consider are:


The terminals are one part of the custom wire harness that should not be taken for granted, and the connection is critical in creating a custom wire harness.

In choosing terminals, please pay attention to the location where you want them to be. Also, the use of the airport should consider.

Strain relief:

The strain relief is necessary to extend the life of the custom wire harness, and that implies that it is essential to pay attention to it, especially if you desire that your custom wire harness survives the test of time.

It is designed to ensure that the current is constant and stays in place. By so doing, even when the current gets to the terminal, it is not affected in any way.


You would always need something that helps the wires stay in place. A disorganized wire would always leave your wires messy and make it difficult for you to get a hand of.

With the use of grommets, it is easier to get your wires arranged and orderly. Also, grommets make it easier for you to get in touch with any wire you need to make use of.

An advantage of choosing grommets for your custom wire harness components is that it aids installation and makes it easier for you to maintain your product quickly.

assemble wire harness electrical wire

assemble wire harness electrical wire


You can choose suitable components for your wire harness that determines the outcome of the product or design. More so, when the members consider you, you are sure to have an effect that produces a maximum result and works efficiently.

Therefore, you must entrust your products to experienced manufacturers who possess the proper understanding of how wire harnesses work. The benefit of this is that it makes the whole process faster.

The only organization that meets the above criteria is Cloom Tech. Feel free to contact us to help design customized services.

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