4 Common Chemical Substances Can Damage Industrial Power Cables

While dealing with the maintenance and safety of the industrial power cables, you have to consider the chemical exposure. Chemical damage to the custom power cords is an essential factor that can interrupt the power supply for the project.

Electrician builder engineer installing industrial cable

Electrician builder engineer installing industrial cable

CLOOM Tech is the leading industrial power cable manufacturer in China. After analyzing most of the damage cases, we have found that four chemicals do the most damage. For the industrial units and projects, we have custom power cords that can survive in extreme chemical abuse too.

1.Power Cables–Oils

Almost every industrial and commercial setting has a complex system of power cables for the power supply. These industrial power cable feature cable jackets that can resist the impact of the chemicals. Oil is the most common chemical or substance that will have a significant impact on the life of custom power cable. Most of the heavy machinery requires oils and lubricants for the smooth flow of the parts. These oils reduce the resistance against different parts of the project and help to control the heating issues.

Gears in a car engine with lubricant oil on repairing

Gears in a car engine with lubricant oil on repairing

For the refinery industry, oil damage for the power cable is inevitable. There is oil everywhere, and the contact of the industrial power cable with the oil is a must. You cannot avoid the exposure to oil in industries but can choose power cables that have suitable cable jacketing. Custom power cables come to have cable jacketing of good quality that can protect the internal wires from the impact of the oils.

Sodium Hydroxide is an ordinary cleaner for the removal of containments from the crude oil. This chemical can damage the overall performance of the cables. Once these chemicals and oils have come in contact with the industrial power cable, the cable jackets will start cracking. Hence, the swelling of the cable jackets ends up disturbing the wire management. Choosing the quality of industrial power cables is important, but protecting them against chemical damage is even more important.

2.Power Cables–Acids

Acids are the biggest enemy of the industrial power cable. Acids are not only harmful to the power supplies, tools, and appliances but for human life too. Any kind of human contact with the acids can damage the skin. Some acids in the industrial units are so powerful that they can burn the jackets of the cables.

Although acids are extremely dangerous for humans and power cables, yet these are vital too. There are countless applications of acids in industries and projects; hence, you cannot quit these chemicals.

Including the use in the production units, acids can remove the corrosion and rust from the metal.

Here are some common acids that can damage the industrial power cables and are part of every industry:

Sulfuric Acid: This acid is harmful to the life of the power cables and is an important part of the batteries and power cells

Nitric Acid: This acid is a common ingredient for the production of dyes, fertilizers and the explosives

Hydrochloric acid: HCL is a too common ingredient for the production of many products. For industries like PVS manufacturing units and food factories, HCL is something to worry about

Bottle of Hydrochloric Acid, HCL with Properties information

Bottle of Hydrochloric Acid, HCL with Properties information

There are some other acids too that are common parts of the industries but dangerous for the power cables. These acids are so powerful that cable jackets can dissolve due to these acids. Hence the damage to the cable jackets can lead to the interrupted power supply. Custom power cables can have special cable jackets that are resistive to the damage due to the acids. Protecting the cables against the impact of the acids is one of the biggest perks of using custom industrial power cables.

3.Power Cables-Black Liquor

Black liquor is not a common chemical in all the industries, so this might be new to you. For the paper processing industries and the wood-related production units, black liquor is something that can damage wires. Black liquor is not very reactive, but continuous contact with industrial power cables can damage the performance of the cables.

Black chemical damage

Black chemical damage

The emission of black liquor from the production unit is not harmful to the cables but for the environment too. Aquatic life is very vulnerable to the damages of the black liquor. While dealing with damages due to black liquor, you should not only protect the wires but surroundings too. You need to control the emission of the black liquor for the safety of the environment and the investment.

Custom power cable by CLOOM Tech has additional layers of the cable coating to protect against chemical damage. These extended layers of the protective materials are highly resistive to the damage due to black liquor. If you want the industrial power to last longer, then consider using the custom power cord and industrial cables. Black liquor not only damages the cable jackets but can also initiate cracking in the supply cables. While managing the power cables, exposure of the black liquor can make the maintenance difficult for the engineers.

4.Power Cables-Degreasers

Different lubricants and the oils are part of almost all the machines in industrial settings. For the removal and the cleaning process of the machines, technicians use different degreasers. These degreasers are also harmful to industrial power cables. Without using the degreasers, it is impossible to keep the machines clean against the use of oils and lubricants. Butanone is the common ingredient of most of the degreasers. When this chemical comes in contact with the power cables during the cleaning process, it damages the power cables too.

Different machines require the use of degreasers in different forms. Even with the utmost care, the protection of the power cable against the splashes of the chemicals seems impossible. If you have not controlled the continuous exposure of the degreasers to the cables, it can penetrate through the cables jackets. In no time, cable jackets will start cracking, and it can cause a threat to human life. If something goes wrong with the industrial power cables, all the production capacity will face the impact.

How to avoid the damage?

One thing is clear that industries and production units cannot quit the use of chemicals and acids for processing. The use of the chemical is a must. Meanwhile, the protection of cables is also important. So, the question is how industries can protect cables against possible damage.

How can you protect industrial power cable from the damage of the chemicals? Well, CLOOM Tech feels responsible for meeting the power cable needs of the industries, so we have the right solution for you. Here are some possible steps that you can take to protect the power cables against chemical damage.

Quality industrial power cables

The standard power cable can withstand the harsh environment but may disappoint you when it comes to chemical resistance. If you want to protect the power cable from any damage due to the chemicals, then you can use the expensive power cable with additional layers of the coating.

Electrical power-armored cable

Electrical power-armored cable

Most of the industries have complained that no power cable has survived the chemical abuse at the industrial level. The protection against the chemicals requires special chemical resistant coating that is not possible with normal cables. Even the most expensive power cables have failed to offer the expected lifespan in the industries due to chemical exposure.

Custom industrial cables with an additional protective layer

If you are also worried about the impact of the chemicals for the industrial power cable, CLOOM Tech has an amazing solution for your project. Our custom power cord manufacturing unit offers chemical resistant power cable for industrial use. These special industrial power cables can resist the effects of any kind of chemical. If you want to enhance the lifespan of the power cables in the industrial units, using the custom power cable is a must.

Power cables with an additional protective coating

Power cables with an additional protective coating

These custom power cable can also be a good choice for industries where extremely high temperature is an issue. Due to the exceptional material of the cable jackets, these cables are for an extra-ordinary environment where safety is a priority. CLOOM Tech has the most advanced R&D teams to analyze and solve the problems faced by industrialists regarding the power cables. We consider all the threats to the application and the lifespan of the power cables to manufacture the exceptional quality cables.


Being the top custom power cable and wiring harness manufacturers in China, we offer products that your industries deserve. We don’t follow the market trends, but we analyze the industrial needs to manufacture custom products that offer practical benefits. CLOOM Tech can manufacture custom industrial power cable for your project too. So, get in touch with us now to scale your business with custom services.

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