10 Top Factors to Look for in Medical Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Medical systems need custom wiring solutions due to complex systems and instruments. CLOOM Tech has been providing the most advanced and sleek designs and custom cable assembly solutions to the international and Chinese markets.  With a complete range of custom medical cable assemblies and wiring harnesses, we are leading the custom wiring market for a long time.

The importance and the demand of medical cable assembly in the medical field have boosted the production of custom products to a whole new level.

As the medical cables are part of sensitive devices, any medical team looking for medical cable assemblies must know these essential factors that we have discussed in this article.

Wires from devices around the bedside in the ICU

1. Use Case of the Medical Cable Assembly

Medical cable assemblies have become an integral part of wiring systems in almost all industries, including the medical field, automobile industry, heavy industries, and the aviation industry. Within each sector, most of the complicated devices solely depend upon custom cable assemblies for data and energy transmission.

Due to the complexity of the medical devices and surgical instruments, medical teams are adopting smart devices. These intelligent devices are sleek in design and hard to manufacture, and typical round wires don’t serve the purpose in these devices. Here are some significant uses of medical cable assemblies in the surgical and operational instruments:

Complicated Configuration of the Medical Devices

Different medical teams are working on new and modern appliances to fight against various complexities. A complex medical system can have several devices operating in a complex environment. From the typical connection between two devices to the complicated configuration of the medical instruments, medical cable assemblies serve the customer needs for medical teams. CLOOM Tech team follows the exact custom requirements of the medical team while manufacturing the medical cable assemblies for the medical facilities.

Innovative technology in a modern hospital operating room

Multi-conductor Interface

Sophisticated medical devices require varying levels of voltage and current. Various factors demand the implementation of medical cable assemblies like the high temperature, weight reduction, and different degrees of currents and voltages. Medical cable assembly manufacturers are always working on new techniques and designs to meet the needs of the medical teams.

Organization of Wires

A small medical instrument can have hundreds of tiny wires that can increase the complexity of the system, and you might have to wrap up hundreds of cables in an inch. In such situations, medical cable assembly manufacturers like CLOOM Tech do the magic with custom services.

Background view of wiring harness

2. Importance of Medical Cable Assembly

Medical systems require a lot of work and research. While a medical team is working on a complex medical system, they need a custom medical cable assembly manufacturer on board to provide them with the custom solutions. If your medical team has created a new device that is new to the market, we can manufacture the prototype as per your specifications to meet your exact needs.

The medical field is so vast that medical cable assembly manufacturers have dedicated special designing units to develop new solutions for medical teams. At CLOOM Tech, we have a dedicated team of engineers and designers that can produce any complicated medical cable assembly for:

  • Medical testing units
  • Surgical instruments
  • Healthcare units
  • Medical monitoring devices
  • Therapeutic

3. Types of the Medical Cable Assembly

The scope of medical cable assemblies is too wide in the medical field as there are a lot of processes going on in a single medical facility. For a better understanding of the medical cable assembly types, we have divided the medical assemblies into three major categories:

Equipment interface assemblies: these medical cable assemblies are the part of major medical equipment and need to serve as the medium of data and emery transmission.

Communication interface assemblies: for the communication between different devices within a complex medical system, medical cable assemblies transmit data from one component to another.

Patient interface assemblies: for devices that are used repeatedly during the treatment, require the use of medical cable assemblies. The medical team might have to repair these assemblies after a specific time.

4. Choosing the Manufacturer

Depending upon the use cases of the medical cable assemblies, only an experienced team of engineers should handle these products. Even a slight problem in the medical cable assemblies can cause damage to the life of the patient. The success of any medical procedure depends upon the efficiency of the medical systems. While choosing the right manufacturer is hard, the CLOOM Tech team is always at your service with everything that you need to know.

Electrocardiograph machine with ECG

CLOOM Tech is one of the top medical cable assembly manufacturers in China that is serving the international teams too. If you want to choose the best medical cable assembly manufacturer, our successful portfolio won’t let you down. The most important thing to consider while choosing the medical cable assembly manufacturer is to look for its safety measures. If the manufacturer does not follow the international security measures and safety protocols for the medical cable assembly manufacturing, you might end up having negative effects.

5. Use of Quality Material

The medical devices may have to endure severe usage as most of the medical procedures last for hours. The tool can heat up due to less space for the proper exhaust of the heat and the airflow. The use of low-quality material can cause a meltdown in the device, and that can sabotage the medical procedure. While selecting the medical cable assembly manufacturer, don’t forget to ask for the material specifications they use in the assemblies.

The material of the medical cable assemblies must perform100% at every cost to ensure the highest quality standards. The slight negligence in the testing process can cost you a life or serious damage. CLOOM Tech always chooses quality material for the medical cable assembly manufacturing.

6. Effectiveness of Shielding

While buying custom medical cable assemblies, make sure that you are investing for the long term. The flexibility and efficiency of the shielding is an important factor that you cannot ignore. If the shielding is not on point, the heat strokes can cause a short circuit of the circuit to meltdown.

Depending upon the types of medical cable assemblies, CLOOM Tech offers several types of shielding. We make sure that you get the best services for the efficient working of a medical facility.

7. Following the Testing Protocols

Every component and device that is going to be part of the medical procedure must undergo a strict testing process. CLOOM Tech team makes sure that we follow every testing protocol to maintain the high standards of quality.

A good medical cable assembly manufacturer must have state of the art testing labs where engineers can test the medical cable assemblies for different conditions. The healthcare sector requires the most rigorous quality control protocols, and that’s why we pay attention to the finer details of our products.

8. ISO Certifications

The international standards are there to test every product against the safety protocols. Your chosen medical cable assembly manufacturers must have the ISO certifications to serve the medical industry. From advanced testing labs to the affiliation with international testing services, we deliver the quality that your medical team deserves. 

When it comes to peace of mind while choosing the right medical cable assembly manufacturer, the CLOOM Tech team has all. All our services and products meet the ISO certification standards, and that’s why we have the largest contribution in the medical cable assembly manufacturing.

9. Automation of Medical Cable Assembly

The new and advanced medical procedures require the use of AI and automated devices. In several medical facilities, robots and automated medical systems perform standard medical procedures. For these smart medical devices, you need to manage wires and electric cables in ting spaces. For the organized structures of the wires, medical cable assemblies are the best option.

Background view of wiring harness

The automated devices and medical procedures demand the custom medical cable assemblies to meet the exact specifications. For the international and Chinese markets, we can fulfill any small or large order.

10. Efficient Designs

The design restrictions are the biggest issue in the medical cable assemblies. The medical cable assembly manufacturing teams spend days working on the effectiveness and optimization of the meetings. If you have custom requirements for the design specifications, CLOOM Tech engineers can handle all of your custom needs.


If you are ready to choose the medical cable assembly manufacturer, the time is to make the right choice now. CLOOM Tech team provides the comfort of ordering the custom medical cable assemblies without any issue. By offering the services without the involvement of any 3rd party contractor, we have managed to maintain the highest quality standards in medical cable assembly manufacturing.

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