10 Risks of Choosing Unsuited Custom Cable Assembly

We understand the inherent frustration that comes with choosing the right cable assembly, which is why we take out the entire process of choosing your cable assembly. Instead, we create the cable assembly that you want the way you want it.

Our custom cable assemblies have better wiring and insulation than off-the-shelf cable assemblies. You can choose the connector that you want throughout your cables; you can also choose the material of the wiring itself. We test out wires for the best performance that you can buy, ensuring that the custom cable that you are buying is the best around.


While custom cables are the better option, creating a cable assembly without keeping the application in mind can also lead to a slew of problems. That said, in the worst-case scenario, the apparent issues of not creating an adequate cable for the application may surface in front of a customer. It may be an instrumental question that could affect your team’s final product in serious ways.

So to help you make a more educated decision, we will tell you ten risks that come with choosing an improper custom assembly.

Manufacturing Process of a Cable Assembly
Manufacturing Process of a Cable Assembly

Risks of Choosing Unsuited Custom Cable Assembly

1. The Quality Might Not Match The Application

One of the biggest risks that come with using an improper custom cable assembly is that the quality of the cable might not fit the application at hand.

So even though you may have the right assembly for the job, its quality may not match the application at hand. It can lead to a multitude of issues, like mechanical and technical delays in your project. Moreover, the wire may have very weak insulation, which can cause its fair share of problems.

2.Custom Cable Assembly–Environmental Harm

If your particular application involves working in weather-sensitive or risky areas, using any improper custom cable assembly can result in serious ecological damage. Due to the rising concerns of global warming, most customers are very conscious of applications that may do ecological damage.

Environmental damage does not just affect the customers who buy the appliance in the first place, but your company’s overall brand image as well. Upon finding out that your business decided to use inferior quality wires for your products, customers may not choose any of your other products.

3. Custom Cable Assembly–Reputational Harm

Another major risk that comes with not using the right cable assembly is reputational damage. Due to incredible competition in the market, customers often dictate the life cycle of a company. And with them having so much choice in the market, their tolerance for failure is often very low.

Therefore, using the wrong cable in your application can result in serious reputational harm. It will not only affect dedicated customers but will also result in new customers not coming towards your business.

4. Custom Cable Assembly–Does not Fit Your Application

Other than running into an issue with quality and lower performance, not making the right custom cables assemblies can also be much larger than what your setup requires. It can cause frustrating issues to deal with, as projects have to work with rigorous measurements. The difference can be of an inch or even smaller, but you will still have to order a new one. And if it does not fit the machine properly, your team may have to make compromises in the overall design.

Checking Wiring System At A Control Desk
Checking Wiring System At A Control Desk

Luckily, the best thing about custom cable assemblies is that they take into account measurements for the machine or project. Therefore, they fit perfectly inside, allowing your team to work on other aspects of the device besides fixing its fitting problems. They are also able to check various extra things like insulation and better conductors in the same measurements.

5. Custom Cable Assembly–No Product Testing

Custom cables assemblies undergo a rigorous and stringent manufacturing process. And once it is ready, manufacturers will conduct various tests on the cable to see if it meets project requirements. This product testing is essential, as it ensures that the wires you will receive are ready for the conditions of your particular project.

By not conducting these tests, custom cable assemblies can be susceptible to all sorts of damage. This damage can make for serious issues within the appliance. Ultimately, you can expect malfunctions or a complete shutdown of the product altogether. Of course, that is the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, the malfunction could cause injury to the customer, which is an entirely different set of problems includes reputational, financial, and legal hassles.

Cable Assembly against White Background
Cable Assembly against White Background

6.Employee Morale Dropping

Throughout the production cycle, your team may undergo some failures, seeing how it is widespread. No matter how small the application may be, every cable plays a vital role in the appliance’s functionality. If one falls, the entire device can follow.

Employee morale can drop due to poor quality cables, seeing how this is a limitation that is not in their control. Therefore, they may have to rework the appliance to cater to a single wire completely. It can be very redundant, and doing the same thing multiple times can make the team feel like they are making no progress at all.

7. Custom Cable Assembly–Lawsuits

When a company does not use the right cables in their appliance, reputational damage is the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, a company can face serious legal issues due to their lack of foresight. Legal proceedings can drag out for quite some time, which involves a massive financial load in lawyers’ fees.

Colourful Assembly with Various Other Cables
Colourful Assembly with Various Other Cables

Legal trouble can also mean severe reputational damage on a significantly larger scale. All these factors have led to the dilemma of rising costs and decreasing revenues of the company. In some cases, lawsuits can do enough damage to dissolve a company or lead the owner to bankruptcy.

8.Custom Cable Assembly–May Cause Delays

Of course, a malfunctioning product is not the only thing that is capable of causing reputational damage. Delays in customers receiving your product can also leave a bad impression on them. Delays are possibly one of the few things that both customers and businesses equally despise.

Even if the delay is not significant, it can get on a customer’s bad side. It can lead to the cancellation of the order itself or are duction in payment. Either way, a delay is not a favourable situation to be in, especially with a particularly picky client.

9.Custom Cable Assembly–Recalls

If the products you sell to your customers do malfunction, you will have to issue a recall of your products. However, recalls can lead to a massive drop in revenue, as you scramble to fix the issue at hand.

If a wire causes the problem in the product, then you may need a costly repair. Not only is such an issue financially expensive, but it can also be draining for your employees; they have to do the same thing over again. It can also lead to a drop in employee morale.

10.Productivity Downtime

While a delay certainly hurts the clients and customers, your employees also take a substantial hit in terms of productivity. Solving redundant problems and issues that they have worked on before will undoubtedly bring down their overall productivity. But more than that, if the wires take a longer time to reach the employees, you can expect production levels to decrease.

It can be very dangerous, as employees may not work as hard or perform as well. It has its fair share of problems.

Wiring System on Control Desk
Wiring System on Control Desk


In conclusion, these risks are to remind you that you should put a lot of thought into making custom cables.

And since the risk of using an improper custom assembly is immense, you should not take the risk. CLOOM Tech provides some of the best and highest quality custom cable assemblies that you can find. All equipped with premium components and professionals that will help throughout the manufacturing process. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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